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About Tesorion

Tesorion is a 100% Dutch company whose primary focus is on cybersecurity and on helping our customers combat all kinds of cybercrime and minimise their operational risks. The company’s objective is to make the Netherlands more secure, with a particular focus on Managed Cybersecurity services. It achieves this using, among other things, SOC services, Behaviour & Awareness, Intelligence Driven Protection and Offensive Security. Tesorion also offers specialist 24/7 support in the event of cyber incidents.

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1 February 2023

WakeUp Wednesday

Welcome to #WakeUpWednesday. We want to make the Netherlands digitally safe and resilient. That is why Tesorion will now give you a short overview every Wednesday in a post about…
30 January 2023

Risk management: is a single framework sufficient?

Imagine, your home has a good lock on every outside door, a dog and a security system. Does that mean you don’t have to worry about burglary? That depends ……
27 January 2023

What risks do your supply chain partners pose?

Attacks on organizations by cybercriminals are increasingly often deployed through supply chain partners. This way of attacking is not a recent cyber threat, but it is one that is being…
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