Immunity provides immediate protection for your networks with automated detection and isolation.
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Cybersecurity is about
business continuity

Every organisation is unique. The top of the business world wants to lead the way. With the rise of new technologies, the playing field is changing at a rapid pace. From the manufacturing industry to healthcare and from logistics to government. The continuity of your organisation is essential.

Our vision on cybersecurity is based on control, continuity and adequate protection of your core digital assets. Preventing reputational damage and protecting your competitive advantage is what drives us.

Under any circumstances. Without unforeseen costs.

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Exploring the link between Nemty and Nefilim

Introduction A new ransomware family has appeared on the already too crowded scene over the…

Nemty 2.2 and 2.3: analysis of their cryptography, and a decryptor for some file types

Summary Tesorion has previously released decryptors for the Nemty ransomware up to version 1.6. Recently,…

Bug in Nemty corrupting the encryption of large files

Introduction Over the past weeks, Tesorion researchers have been working on free decryption tools for…
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All•in platform
the centre of your cybersecurity

You have invested in digitalisation: working without interruption is key and protection of your data is of crucial importance. You want to optimally protect your digital environment from cyber threats. Most solutions in the market only solve part of the problem but you are looking for an integrated approach. Tesorion offers the solution.

With the flexible and scalable Tesorion all•in Platform you gain complete insight and control of all of your (combined)networks. 24/7.

Cybersecurity all•in

Meet our experts

At Tesorion, our cyber specialists have diverse backgrounds, skills and competencies. Ranging from seasoned cybersecurity experts to the absolute top talents of European colleges and universities. With these experts, we are on top of the latest digital threats and constantly develop innovative solutions for our customers.

Tesorion cybersecurity all-in

About Tesorion

A new name in the world of cybersecurity, but with many years of experience at the highest level. That’s Tesorion: one of the fastest growing specialists in cybersecurity and business continuity.

Tesorion is a fully integrated group of renowned cybersecurity firms, each with its own specialisation. Tesorion has combined these specialisations into one all•in service. This makes Tesorion unique as a provider of cybersecurity.

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The office, your machinery and the fridge in the company canteen: all digitally connected. Convenient and efficient. But is it safe too?

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Working at Tesorion is working at the cutting edge. With more than 160 colleagues, we work 24/7 for the digital safety of our customers.

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