About Tesorion

Tesorion assists organisations to fight the most divergent forms of cyber-criminality. Its services range from increasing security awareness to completely taking care of your cyber-security by means of their SOC services. Tesorion offers 24/7 specialist services with its T-CERT. This includes direct support when organisations are hit by a cyber-security incident. Or rather, they offer specialists in the area of digital forensic investigations.

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BlogCERTDigital Risk Protection
17 December 2020

Who has my login details?

Do you know who is in possession of YOUR personal data? Theft of confidential data by hackers is an everyday occurrence. But what can they do with the data and…
SolarWinds BlogCERTSOC
14 December 2020


Recently, SolarWinds has announced that their Orion software from version 2019.4 HF 5 up to version 2020.2.1 was revised in an unauthorised manner by attackers. Meanwhile, this revised version is…
23 November 2020

FortiGate SSL VPN vulnerability CVE-2018-13379

Recently, a security researcher has discovered a list of vulnerable FortiGate SSL VPN solutions. This list would be used by hackers to gain access to networks of businesses. This is…
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