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Security as a foundation for successful entrepreneurship

By 28 October 2020 July 22nd, 2021 Blog, Network security

Cyber-criminality is evolving rapidly: ransomware, hacks, and spyware are commonplace these days. The relevance has not reduced, the importance of security increases, and the proper protection of business information is crucial. We have recently shown this in the Tesorion Retrospect #1. At the same time, you want a modern and future-resistant work environment, where employees work (or cooperate) in a fast, efficient, and secure manner and where you can serve your customers optimally.


The illustration above is a historical representation of the Norse Map; at the time, this map showed the digital attacks in real-time. 

A good time to have a look at your own security processes

Every organisation uses software for specific processes, e.g. for the bookkeeping, for the staff administration, or to streamline the logistical processes. Unfortunately, there are also the necessary processes that have not been automated yet. Simple but time-consuming processes; think about the registration of a visitor, the settling in of a new employee, or the delivery of a new workstation. Many of these kinds of processes can, by automating them, become less time-consuming. How? Think about the issue of a WiFi password for visitors or the application of dynamic segmentation within your network.

As an entrepreneur, you are personally responsible for the requirements and preconditions that you specifically impose on the cyber-security of your organisation. That is why you should determine your own cyber-security strategy! A good start is to first make a list of the data you have and the security requirements that you impose on them. Also make it transparent what third parties influence these requirements. Think about regulations, industry organisations, customers, and suppliers. Only when you know what your security requirements are can you look for appropriate solutions to tackle the processes within your organisation that have not been automated yet. The blog of colleague Martin also offers inspiration to make it transparent what the minimum requirements should be.

More time for success

Imagine how much time you can save by automating time-consuming processes within your organisation! And all with confidence, because you simply know that the requirements imposed by you are met. Time you can dedicate to better adapting your products and services to the wishes of your customers. In short: making your business even more successful through automation, but in a secure manner.