Tesorion has a clear vision, we want to be relevant and contribute to a cyber-safe Netherlands. In addition, our experts visit our customers daily (in many cases virtually). During our activities and investigations we encounter new threats or the solution against them. It is precisely this knowledge that helps to improve cyber security, minimize and solve cybersecurity challenges. In short, we bundle all that information into different types of publications. We are happy to offer you these via this page.

BlogCERTDigital Risk Protection
17 December 2020

Who has my login details?

Do you know who is in possession of YOUR personal data? Theft of confidential data by hackers is an everyday occurrence. But what can they do with the data and…
SolarWinds BlogCERTSOC
14 December 2020


Recently, SolarWinds has announced that their Orion software from version 2019.4 HF 5 up to version 2020.2.1 was revised in an unauthorised manner by attackers. Meanwhile, this revised version is…
23 November 2020

FortiGate SSL VPN vulnerability CVE-2018-13379

Recently, a security researcher has discovered a list of vulnerable FortiGate SSL VPN solutions. This list would be used by hackers to gain access to networks of businesses. This is…
security Blog
22 November 2020

WannaCry and Mirai: old malware presents new threats

Organisations protect themselves against new forms of cyber-criminality, whilst old variants of malware can still cause considerable damages. It follows from research of Tesorion that Mirai and WannaCry are still…
BlogCERTSOCTesorion Immunity
5 November 2020

Choice aid for cyber-security measures – part 1

To many people, making choices is a stressful moment. Ranging from what am I going to eat, what am I going to wear today, and how do I keep my…
Behaviour & AwarenessBlog
5 November 2020

Behind the front door

When I came home from a nice night out with a friend last night, my mother was concerned and a bit upset. I asked her if something had happened, after…
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5 November 2020

Old malware variants WannaCry and Mirai botnet remain a threat

Organisations fail to patch punctually and adequately  Leusden – Malware of about three years ago, e.g. the ransomware variant WannaCry and the Mirai botnet, still appear to inflict damage. Cyber-security…
5 November 2020

Z-CERT and IT security businesses join forces to work on digital security of healthcare industry

IT security businesses sign letter of intent about sharing of information via the Healthcare Detection Network AMERSFOORT – Since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, the Z-CERT Foundation, the expertise…
SolarWinds NewsSOCTesorion Immunity
26 October 2020

Explosively more malware on business networks after return to the workplace

During the intelligent lockdown, the number of malware notifications on business networks decreased considerably, after which it increased explosively after the return to the workplace. In March of this year,…
Martijn Hakstege News
16 June 2020

Tesorion appoints new management team

Cyber-security specialist takes next step in development LEUSDEN – From 15 June 2020, the Dutch cyber-security specialist Tesorion will have a new management. Martijn Hakstege takes up employment as the…
Tesorion biedt hulp ziekenhuizen NewsTesorion Immunity
27 March 2020

Tesorion offers assistance to hospitals in Italy and Spain

Vulnerable and overcrowded hospitals are targeted by cyber-criminals LEUSDEN – The crisis surrounding the coronavirus does not bring out the best in everyone. Whilst doctors and nurses in Italy and…
corona malware NewsTesorion Immunity
26 March 2020

Exponential increase of malware since the start of the coronavirus crisis

Undertakings step up investments in cyber-security LEUSDEN – To cyber-criminals, a crisis almost always means an intensification of their activities. This can also be noted clearly during the present coronavirus…
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ResourcesDigital Risk Protection
1 June 2020

Onepager Digital Risk Protection

Tesorion Digital Risk Protection automatically warns you if activities develop that could pose a threat to your company.
ResourcesTesorion Immunity
1 June 2020

Productpaper Tesorion Immunity

Fight ransomware and neutralize the threat. Learn how Tesorion Immunity does this automatically for your organization.
1 June 2020

Next Generation Threat Prevention

Are cyber threats under your control? See how it can be even better in these white papers.
ResourcesTesorion Immunity
1 June 2020

Retrospect Report #1

Tesorion sees an increase in cyber attacks when returning to the office. Learn how COVID-19 gives hackers free rein on corporate networks and smartphones.
ResourcesTesorion Immunity
1 June 2020

Immunity for the healthcare industry

Everyone has to deal with the concern, which is ideal for the cyber criminal. How do you arm yourself against that?
Poster awareness ResourcesBehaviour & Awareness
1 June 2020

Recognize phishing-handout

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to recognise the difference between real and fake. To help you and your colleagues on your way and from home, we created a handout for you with handy tips.
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