Tesorion has a clear vision, we want to be relevant and contribute to a cyber-safe Netherlands. In addition, our experts visit our customers daily (in many cases virtually). During our activities and investigations we encounter new threats or the solution against them. It is precisely this knowledge that helps to improve cyber security, minimize and solve cybersecurity challenges. In short, we bundle all that information into different types of publications. We are happy to offer you these via this page.

5 August 2021

Analysis of the BlackMatter ransomware

In late July, BleepingComputer stated that the notorious DarkSide ransomware gang has rebranded as BlackMatter. DarkSide disappeared after the high-profile attack on Colonial Pipeline this year, but they seem to…
25 June 2021

Lorenz ransomware: analysis and a free decryptor

BleepingComputer recently wrote about a new ransomware family called Lorenz, that targets organizations worldwide. Like other well-known ransomware families, Lorenz also breaches their networks and performs double-extortion by stealing data…
17 May 2021

Analysis of NoCry: A variant of the Judge ransomware

In January this year, we published a blog post on our analysis of the Judge ransomware. We announced a free decryptor for Judge victims in this blog post, which is…
keuzehulp bij cybersecuritymaatregelenBehaviour & AwarenessBlogNetwork securitySOC
3 May 2021

Choice aid for cyber security measures part 3

This is the third and consequently the last part of the blogs about the options you have in order to make sure that you make the right choices for your…
27 April 2021

The importance of patching

The importance of patching and why you need to do it regularly Now that working from home has become the norm, we are sending more data between locations than ever…
Hoe werkt het SOCBlogBlogSOCSOC
6 April 2021

Tesorion SOC: what does it do and what is its focus?

In conversation with Daniël Jansen (Manager Managed Security Services) and Joost Geusebroek (Manager SOC). SOC stands for Security Operations Center, and it protects clients against both internal and external security…
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17 June 2021

Cybersecurity specialist Tesorion acquires industry partner Kahuna

LEUSDEN / AMERSFOORT - Cybersecurity specialist Tesorion acquires industry partner Kahuna. This takeover is creating the largest independent full-service cybersecurity player in the Netherlands which can now offer its corporate,…
Tesorion en Compumatica bundelen de krachtenNews
22 February 2021

Tesorion and Compumatica join forces

Dutch cybersecurity specialists, Tesorion and Compumatica, are joining forces to make the Netherlands digitally more secure. By joining forces the two companies create...
1 February 2021

Tesorion strengthens its board

From 1 February 2021, Dutch all-in cyber-security specialist Tesorion is strengthening its board with Henk Bijsterbosch as the ad-interim CCO and Gerben Woordes as the COO...
5 November 2020

Old malware variants WannaCry and Mirai botnet remain a threat

Organisations fail to patch punctually and adequately  Leusden – Malware of about three years ago, e.g. the ransomware variant WannaCry and the Mirai botnet, still appear to inflict damage. Cyber-security…
5 November 2020

Z-CERT and IT security businesses join forces to work on digital security of healthcare industry

IT security businesses sign letter of intent about sharing of information via the Healthcare Detection Network AMERSFOORT – Since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, the Z-CERT Foundation, the expertise…
SolarWindsNewsSOCTesorion ImmunityVulnerability
26 October 2020

Explosively more malware on business networks after return to the workplace

During the intelligent lockdown, the number of malware notifications on business networks decreased considerably, after which it increased explosively after the return to the workplace. In March of this year,…
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15 September 2021

WakeUp Wednesday

Welcome to #WakeUpWednesday. We want to make the Netherlands digitally safe and resilient. That is why Tesorion will now give you a short overview every Wednesday in a post about…
Microsoft zeroday MSHTML-beveiligingslekCERTSOCVulnerability
9 September 2021

Microsoft zeroday MSHTML vulnerability

This blog contains information about the Microsoft zeroday MSHTML (CVE-2021-40444) vulnerability. As soon as we have an update, we’ll add it to this post. More information about possible risks and…
Windows LSA kwetsbaarheidCERTSOCVulnerability
13 August 2021

Windows LSA Spoofing Vulnerability

This blog contains information about the Windows LSA Spoofing vulnerability. As soon as we have an update, we’ll add it to this post. More information about possible risks and details can…
Banner Code - Cybersecurity oplossingenCERTSOCVulnerability
10 August 2021

ProxyShell Vulnerability

This blog contains information about the ProxyShell vulnerability. As soon as we have an update, we’ll add it to this post. More information about possible risks and details can be found…
13 July 2021

Kaseya VSA attack: large-scale ransomware attack

This blog contains information about recently published information regarding a possible attack of Kaseya VSA. As soon as we have an update, we’ll add it to this post. More information…
8 June 2021

Citrix vulnerabilities

This blog contains information about recently published vulnerabilities in Citrix Application Delivery Controller, Citrix Gateway and Citrix SD-WAN WANOP appliances. As soon as we have an update, we’ll add it…
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22 July 2021

Onepager CISO as a Service

Time for a cybersecurity operator Flexible CISO Cybersecurity and an appropriate cybersecurity policy are dependent on many factors, such as the size of your organization, the processes and the extent…
18 July 2021

Onepager Pen testing

What if a hacking attempt occurs? Find the vulnerability Increase your digital resilience and protect your digital valuables. One day an actual incident takes place. You have already invested in…
18 July 2021

Onepager Digital Risk Protection

Do you know what? goes on out of sight ? Protect your crown jewels Undoubtedly, you monitor whether your business is mentioned in the media or on the internet. This…
18 July 2021

Retrospect Report #1

Tesorion sees an increase in cyber attacks When returning to the office In the Tesorion Retrospect we look back at the past year, one in which the coronacrisis has severely…
Tesorion Technical Update ImageResources
13 July 2021

Tesorion Technical Update

Would you like to receive critical vulnerabilities when known by e-mail from now on? Subscribe to Tesorion Technical Update.
8 July 2021

Industry paper awareness in healthcare

Voorkom datalekken door ervoor te zorgen dat elke medewerker weet wat belangrijk wanneer deze omgaat met persoons- of bedrijfsdata
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