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Endpoint Protection, the next generation

Do you have control of all the devices that can access your data? Do you have an integrated cybersecurity approach with regard to BYOD? Tesorion makes things easy.

We are here to help you.

Protect all devices against any type of cyberthreat

Before we started talking about endpoint protection, we mainly talked about anti-virus programs. The focus in both cases is on protecting devices against abuse and attacks from outside. These days, however, you need more than just protection against viruses. You also have to take account of more extreme forms of malware, such as ransomware. Cybercriminals are constantly adapting their techniques and are continually on the lookout for possible vulnerabilities. It is changing environment which your cybersecurity measures constantly have to be attuned to.

In addition to endpoint protection, the firewall is the most usual preventive security measure and is used by almost every organization. Tesorion can even deploy these measures collectively in order to protect your infrastructure even more effectively than the protection offered by the individual products on their own.

Which security aspects suit your organization?
Tesorion helps your organization based on the situation and provide advice which is tailor-made to the relevant wishes, requirements and budget.

Together with our partners, Tesorion uses a pragmatic approach to help you protect all your devices, including those of employees who are working from home. For example, we monitor and maintain all endpoints and optimize their configuration.

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Endpoint Protection offers complete protection

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Protect your workstations, wherever they might be

The laptop overtook the PC some time ago as the most widely used device. Laptops make flexible working possible, and that is certainly something we are all having to do right now. Given that more and more people are working from home, security has to be adapted to the new situation. A traditional antivirus scanner alone is no longer sufficient when it comes to proper security. Next Generation AntiVirus (NGAV) goes a step further and detects threats on the basis of undesirable behavior. Hackers and malware can be kept at bay thanks to the integrated firewall and intrusion prevention functionality.

Prevent virus and other malware infections

Viruses and other malware can rewrite their own codes. This makes it impossible to detect them on the basis of traditional anti-virus definitions. That is why you need to be able to detect undesirable behavior which manifests itself via ‘normal’ tools, such as Powershell, a command prompt and more. Hackers and malware are keen to use these tools, just as your own IT department.

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Gain an insight into endpoints

Every antivirus program needs an agent to do its work. Modern endpoint protection solutions use this agent in a smarter way in order to detect threats. They can also provide overviews of all installed software and that enables you to see which software has been installed on the workstations. This information is needed for compliancy reports, but it is also valuable for internal policy, so that you can actively adjust if the organization’s policy is not being complied with.

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Insight into vulnerabilities

Insight into all software assets makes another security feature possible, namely the option of testing whether both the operating system and the software on it are vulnerable. This, in turn, gives you an insight into those workstations which have not been (sufficiently) patched, as well as into which software is vulnerable. You can then take action as necessary. The seriousness of the vulnerability (CVE) is supplemented with information on the degree to which it can be exploited. That total produces a CVSS score, as well as clarity about the order of priority in which they have to be resolved.

Automatic recovery in the event of infection

Stopping and removing a virus helps to prevent it spreading. However, this basic task is unable to avert advanced attacks. Important components in an operating system are modified by attackers, and malware and back doors are created to provide access. These changes also have to be reversed in order to avert the attack completely and definitively.


Integration with SIEM solutions

Endpoint protection collects a huge amount of information about the workstations and servers. By combining this information with logs from, for example, firewalls, Active Directory and Office365, you can create a complete threat picture, making the advanced attacks on your organization visible. This visibility enables you to take targeted action in response to the attack without losing a lot of time combating symptoms. The Tesorion SOC can organize all this on your behalf.

Why choose Tesorion?


24/7 Monitoring and learning

Prevent digital break-ins of your network. Tesorion’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) continuously monitors your network and the Tesorion SOC even takes this a step further by going all out to identify and disable patient zero.


Seamless implementation

Our experts will ensure perfect implementation and a set-up that suits your organization. Tesorion can therefore be regarded as a one-stop shop for your organization. On top of this, we are continuing to optimize our services so that we can always offer you the best solution.


Predictable subscription

For a fixed monthly amount, we can offer predictability and fully operational network security. We are already doing this for more than 300 clients in the education, healthcare, transport and financial services sectors.

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Clear reporting

To measure is to know and insights enable you to stay on course. Our pragmatic approach and clear reporting offer you an insight into what is going on, which attempted attacks have been eliminated and how we can improve.

Can you do it all by yourself?

Whereas antivirus works with ‘signature-based’ recognition, endpoint protection goes a step further and also looks for the active operating system processes and the applications. A check is also carried out on the basis of our knowledge of the behavior and techniques of cybercriminals, so that the so-called ‘zero day’ threats can be detected as well.

Malware is becoming smarter and ever more difficult to detect on the basis of signatures, and hackers are also constantly getting better at avoiding traditional virus scanners. That is why you need smarter protection for your servers and workstations and a cybersecurity measure which is continuously adapting to the changing environment.

In short, setting up endpoint protection is quite complicated and new possibilities are becoming available. For example, you can arrange the migration to, or the structure of, endpoint protection entirely on your own. If you have any doubts, we would be happy to carry out an assessment in order to test the configuration. Our proposals for improvement will then provide an indication of how you should proceed. If you would still like someone to do all the work for you, Tesorion would be more than happy to help.

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