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It is time for a cyber-security plan that works

How many plans have been written over the course of time and instantly shelved? How many plans only exist on paper and have never been tested in practice? Our cybersecurity plans are characterised by a pragmatic approach, they have been tested in practice, and can be immediately implemented.

Let our high-quality security knowledge and expertise work for your organization.

Flexible in achieving your cybersecurity ambitions and issues.

Do you need help improving your cybersecurity plan? Tesorion experts support your organization pragmatically and flexibly in achieving cybersecurity ambitions and issues. Our experienced experts guide your organization and employees to the next level. So that there is an optimal and relevant connection between the need on the one hand and the results on the other.

Tesorion Consultants are there for you

wij begeleiden implementaties

Supervision during implementation

Lots of organisations experience problems when rolling out a process for information security, NEN, or ISO certification. Our consultants can help you develop and/or implement the total process or subprocesses.

Crisis management

Whenever a cyber incident occurs, it is important to obtain a complete picture of what is going on as soon as possible. Has sensitive data been leaked into the public domain? Do measures need to be taken? What is the quickest way to get operations up and running again? Tesorion can help you to answer these and other questions.


Everybody runs risks. The question is, which risks are acceptable to your organisation? What measures can you take and should you take them now or later? Our experts can share ideas and advise on the basis of your needs so that you can then make your own choices.


Risk assessment

Every choice you make automatically implies risks, for instance choosing a new platform, a strategic supplier, or perhaps even the takeover of an organisation. You want to know in advance which risks you might run and how you should handle them. Our experts conduct risk assessments and have also developed a clear dashboard on which they can clearly show the results.


Chain dependency / risk determination

If you use third-party applications and services to provide your services, this could also represent a potential risk. Have you already identified these risks and the dependencies of all the partners in the chain, or are there no risks?

wet- en regelgeving

Legislation and regulations

Compliance with legislation and regulations, e.g., NEN 7510, GDPR, NTA 7516, can be a real headache. Tesorion understands that and has developed a standard approach named T-Core. We can offer you an appropriate solution based on our knowledge of the industry.

Why choose Tesorion?


Pragmatic experts

We can help you gain an insight using clear and understandable language so that you will soon be back up and running. You do not have to worry about having to tackle problems on your own.


Risk assessment

Things are almost bound to go wrong at some point. The question is whether you can reduce the risk and our experts will take a practical approach to showing you the answer.

vertrouwen en transparantie


It is essential to build up a relationship of trust and that is why we say what we do and do what we say, in order to create a secure environment.

heldere rapportage

Clear reporting

Our reports do not just end up on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. Instead, the valuable recommendations they contain can be immediately put into practice.

How do our consultants deliver optimal value to your organisation?

Our consultants are all experts in their own fields and the knowledge they have will help you improve your organisation, for example by preparing a risk analysis, setting up processes, or defining policy. They also have relevant experience to help you deal with a cyber incident and inform the relevant parties. In other words, they have already ‘been there and done that’.

Our pragmatic approach means our consultants are used to working together closely so that any issue can be tackled quickly and effectively.


No matter whether you want to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment, a risk analysis, a technical assessment, or a baseline measurement on your ISMS, our experts can provide you with the right solution. In a hands-on workshop, we assess the current state of affairs and present the results in a clear, no-nonsense report, after which we will point you in the right direction in order to realise your goals.

Implementation of norms and standards

We are fully conversant with the GDPR, NIST, ISF, CIS, BIO, NEN 7510, and ISO 27001. As a result, we can help clients set up a management system and, during the process, our experienced experts can use a library of templates and best practices. If you opt for our T-Core solutions, we will include ISMS tooling in our customer-oriented approach.

CISO as a Service

Sometimes you will need expertise but it is not worth hiring a person on a full-time basis. Our CISO as a Service is available precisely for these situations. Every CISO is supported by colleagues and that means we can always provide you the right expertise.

Strategic advice

Information security is pointless without a strategy. Our security architects can help you plot a course, which makes sure your efforts have a maximum effect in terms operation security. Instead of getting bogged down in endless red tape, we simply do what is best for you.

We offer protection to


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Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.

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