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Prevent malware from stealing your data and integrity

Of course, this will not happen to your organisation. Or will it?

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Tesorion Immunity in practice



Education has become increasingly digital. Students are adopting new techniques faster than ever. Moreover, they are motivated to put these into practice immediately. This has an impact on the IT environment. Know what trends are happening and how you can arm yourself.

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Banks have never exchanged data with so many chain partners as they do today. Online payments and the many apps offering insight expand explosively. This also applies to the potential risks. In addition, legislation and regulations change fast and intensively.

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The patient or client is central and is the most important! The healthcare must continue 24/7; we definitively learnt this during COVID-19. The threat has actually increased in the healthcare sector, inter alia due to specific ransomware attacks.

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Transport & logistics

Logistics processes become ever faster and ever more efficient. We live in a 24-hour economy where ‘ordered today, home delivered tomorrow’ has become the standard. Efficiency – and therefore further digitalisation – is a must.

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Why choose Tesorion Immunity?

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Secure against malware

Prevent malware, like ransomware, from having a chance. By intervening automatically and immediately at the first infected device, you prevent worse. Eliminate, as such, patient zero.


Seamless implementation

Thanks to the powerful combination of access control, network security, and the integration with existing network equipment, Tesorion Immunity is implemented fast and seamlessly.


Predictable subscription

Well over 300 customers in the education, healthcare, transport & logistics, and the financial services industry have already opted for automated detection and response.


Clear reporting

Measurement is key and you can steer with insights. Thanks to a clear dashboard and various reports, you obtain insight into what happened and what attempts were eliminated. Including recurring devices.

How does Tesorion Immunity work?


With the Manage module, you know what devices and (guest) users are present on your network.


And the Detect module determines whether undesired activities take place on the basis of the configured business context.


The Respond module can then intervene or warn automatically. This is fully configurable.


Finally, the Report module generates insights, clear reports, and dashboards in events and recidivism

Read more about the operation of Tesorion Immunity here


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More control for network administrators

We consider it obvious and very important that medical data is properly secured. We consider it of great importance to use a solution where different groups of users are given different rights. We chose Tesorion Immunity because it automatically and unnoticed sends the user to the correct dynamic network segment. Just what we needed.” Read more »

Charles Eringfeld, ICT manager Maasziekenhuis Pantein

Charles Eringfeld Pantein

As a company you are becoming more and more vulnerable

We have 5 production sites in the Netherlands, each with its own quirks and characteristics. This means that each location has different types of equipment, as well as different types of PCs, printers and mobile phones. Naturally, all these devices are connected to our network. On top of that, at each location we have visitors and suppliers. Read more »

Richard Elsinga, IT manager Royal Smilde

Richard Elsinga Royal Smilde

Cyber-security starts with awareness

and with the free Tesorion awareness handout

We are always connected to each other. Messages are received via various channels. Do you recognise phishing messages? Do you, obviously, never click on unknown links? Sometimes it can be quite difficult to recognise the difference between real and fake.

To help you and your colleagues on your way and at home, we created a handout for you with handy tips. This way, you play an active part in a cyber-secure work environment and a more secure Netherlands.

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