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Need help with a cyber incident now?
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Secure your digital valuables and continuously improve your security

We can help you by responding to potential risks, as well as continuously improving the process in accordance with our tested 360-degree method. Or are you lucky enough never to have security problems?

Tesorion SOC creates a 360-degree picture


Risk assessment

Every choice you make automatically brings about risks. One example is when more people start working from home. That is why we assess these risks for your organisation and then monitor them 24/7.

Crisis management

If a cyber-incident takes place, it is important to have a complete picture of the situation as soon as possible. Was any sensitive data made public? Should measures be taken? How do we restore operations as soon as possible? Tesorion can help you answer these and other questions.

wij begeleiden implementaties

Help with implementation

We do not leave you to fend for yourself. Instead, we help you throughout the process of implementing the SOC services and we then transfer responsibility to your own contact person so that we can work to create a complete 360-degree picture.

Continuous learning

Our work does not just entail assessing the systems within your organisation. Our pragmatic approach actually produces a unique and holistic picture of both your systems and all your organisation’s digital valuables. This enables us to learn continuously and offer effective protection.


How do you make sure that a risk does not lead to an incident? How do you keep the situation under control? In short, what choices do you make? What can you best tackle now and what later? We provide an expert who shares ideas and advises based on your needs so that you can then make your own choices.

Flexible building blocks

No one organisation is the same, and the requirements and wishes in the field of cybersecurity also differ per organisation. We can adapt our services to your organisation, depending on your requirements, wishes, and available budget.

Why choose Tesorion?


24/7 Monitoring

Prevent digital security breaches by using our many years of experience serving well over 300 customers. We can monitor your digital valuables 24/7. You will be assigned a permanent Tesorion contact person so that we can be there for you any time you need us.

Security is a continuous process

Our experts ensure perfect implementation and set-up. Tesorion is a one-stop shop for your organisation that is continually improving.


Predictable subscription

No surprises is key to our services. The SOC subscription is made up of various building blocks that together result in a predictable subscription.


Clear reporting

To measure is to know and insights enable you to stay on course. Thanks to a clear dashboard and various reports, you have an insight into what has happened and what needs to be improved.

How do we continuously improve and optimise your digital security?


We can continuously learn and improve preventive recommendations by using a variety of sources.


Tesorion’s SOC monitors the network and user 24/7 to see what is happening and to detect any unusual behaviour.


Thanks to our 360-degree picture and continuous improvement cycle, we know when behaviour is suspicious. At that point, the SOC intervenes and we contact you.


We go beyond than just a clear report. Our pragmatic experts advise you what happens in your network, what the impact is that goes along with it and how to arm yourself against this.

Combined feedback

It is precisely because we combine several sources that we are able to gain a complete picture that is also self-learning. In other words, we combine the feedback from our consultants, SOC analysts, clients, and suppliers with what we hear and see in the market.

Results and reporting

Obviously, we report any incident immediately. One of the results may, for instance, be that we observe typical behaviour that can be resolved with awareness training.

Pattern recognition

In the end, we all have our patterns of behaviour. It is by recognising these patterns that we are able to detect discrepancies.

Threat Intel

Lastly, Tesorion Immunity allows us to combine data from more than 4 million devices with data and intelligence from the market in order to create an all-round picture.

We offer protection to


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Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.

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