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With a firewall you will not forget to lock your front door whenever you pop out

Surely, you would never forget to do this. Right?

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Firewall, the next generation

In addition to antivirus software, the firewall is the most common preventive security measure and one that is used by almost every organisation. A good firewall, with the right configuration, protects your network against external threats. Next generation firewalls take this a step further than conventional firewalls because they offer additional functionalities, such as recognition of users and applications, intrusion detection and prevention, sandboxing, and more.

How can we help improve your organization?
Tesorion provides advice which is tailored to your organisation’s wishes, requirements, and budget. We opted for the strategic cooperation with Fortinet in the field of the firewall technology. These technology appeals to us and Gartner named Fortinet as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for network firewalls.

Together with Fortinet, Tesorion can help you increase the availability of your network based, of course, on a pragmatic approach which involves us monitoring and maintaining your firewalls and optimising the configuration.

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Tesorion network security in practice

Traditionally, firewalls protect your internal network against threats from the Internet. Nowadays, however, firewalls are used more and more often within networks to provide protection between segments, for instance between workstations and servers. Modern firewalls offer ever more functionalities to keep your network secure, so sometimes it can be difficult to know which is best. Tesorion can help you with expert advice on selecting the right firewall and functionalities, but also on network design.



There have been instances of students trying to disrupt networks. At the same time, IT activities are being rationalised more and more. The combination with changing management processes and compliancy is not making the situation any easier.

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Although attempted attacks are on the rise, budgets are not automatically increasing and are even under pressure. Automation and greater flexibility are needed more than ever before to avoid manual work and also to maintain the balance with compliance and governance.

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Data integrity is crucial. Incorrect data can have considerable medical consequences. What is more, increasing complexity makes compliance with legislation and regulations a challenge. The ideal world would be one of simplicity when it comes to manageability, lower costs, and greater user convenience.

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Transport and Logistics

Documents are being digitalised and processes automated more and more and the number of devices is increasing exponentially. Priority is being given to the continuity and quality of suppliers in the chain. Interruptions are costly and can be detrimental to an organisation’s image.

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Why choose Tesorion?


Monitoring and learning 24/7

Prevent digital breaches of your network. Tesorion’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) continuously monitors your network and the Tesorion SOC even takes this a step further by going all out to identify and disable any threats.


Seamless implementation

Our experts ensure perfect implementation and a set-up that suits your organisation. Tesorion can therefore be regarded as a one-stop shop for your organisation. On top of this, we are continuing to optimise our services so that we can always offer you the best solution.


Predictable subscription

For a fixed monthly amount, we can offer predictability and fully operational network security. We are already doing this for more than 300 customers in the education, healthcare, transport, and financial services sectors.

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Clear reporting

To measure is to know and insights enable you to stay on course. Our pragmatic approach and clear reporting offer you an insight into what is going on, which attempted attacks have been eliminated, and how we can improve.

Can you do it all by yourself?

If firewall management is not exactly your core business, or if you need some help, Tesorion always has the right solution. Tesorion always has a solution.

Sooner or later, almost any threat on your network will come up against your firewall because it is such a key layer of protection between network segments. That also makes them the perfect place for our Security Operations Center to log and detect any malicious attacks.


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