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Information security in the healthcare industry

One aspect comes first in healthcare: the best care for every patient or client, 365 days a year, 24/7.

The work pressure in the healthcare industry has been exceptionally high for quite some time. To offer every patient or client the maximum care, the industry is innovating and digitalising at a considerable pace. This includes, inter alia, digital communication, digital care, digital data exchange, and the processing of data with various partners. One infected device can consequently represent a threat for the continuity of the healthcare services.

Forewarned is forearmed

Good cyber-security is seamlessly in line with the processes within the healthcare institution. The first step is, however, to ensure that employees are aware of a secure way of working and handling data. Tesorion has (online) training sessions available to teach employees basic knowledge when it comes to, for instance, the use of passwords, the sharing of account details, leaving a workplace behind unattended, or the sharing of patient data. Moreover, together, we can also test it amongst the employees.

Having insight into the devices that access and leave your network, making sure that all devices are provided with the latest software updates and patches, and, moreover, complying with standards like NEN 7510, result in considerable pressure on the IT organisation and in a juggle between short-term solutions and policy adjustments in the long term.

Over 93% of the organisations in the healthcare industry have dealt with a data breach in the past three years

T-Core: Creating order in the chaos of the rules

There are rules, guidelines, and standards from the official authorities and industry institutions that a hospital or healthcare institution must comply with. For instance, the Healthcare Inspectorate prescribes that NEN 7510 is a requirement. This standard is applicable to the individual healthcare provider, large healthcare institutions, and the chain partners. After all, third parties, e.g. insurers, also impose requirements in the area of information sharing or the supply of data; for instance, by way of requirement for reimbursement of claimed treatments or medication. It goes without saying that in all instances the GDPR legislation must be observed. This can be, or become, absolute headache files.

Tesorion understands that and has developed a standard approach for it. We offer T-Core specifically for the healthcare industry.

Tesorion is available to the healthcare industry, with the ease of standard solutions and with the service of customisation. Together with our technology partners we make sure that your cyber-security environment is secured and remains ready for the future.

Tesorion Immunity

A good night’s rest for all, because Immunity detects and isolates automatically

Like at home, you do not want any uninvited guests inside. The same applies to undesired access to your computer network. For instance, at home you have a good lock on the door and, perhaps, an alarm system, perhaps even supplemented with cameras. Tesorion Immunity ensures that when uninvited guests gain access, they are detected and isolated automatically.

Tesorion Immunity does not allow anyone who represents a threat to your data to gain access. Even in case of already trusted devices, Tesorion Immunity pays attention to deviating behaviour and immediately reacts to threats by isolating an infected device. That is how security of your most precious assets should be organised.

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Does your organisation or institution nonetheless become the target of hackers or the victim of malware? Then Tesorion is there for you to minimise or even to prevent the risk of damages. To this end we are equipped with our in-house T-CERT team.

Tesorion offers two solution approaches for a proactive solution to protect your business processes and data. You can choose between a solution administered in-company, Tesorion Immunity, or outsourcing of your cyber-security to our Security Operations Center (SOC).


Tesorion is equipped with a specialist Computer Emergency and Response Team (CERT). This team is available to you 24/7 to assist in case of digital contingencies. Tesorion is, moreover, part of Z-CERT, the Computer Emergency and Response Team specifically for the healthcare industry.

More information about CERT

Our SOC takes the work off your shoulders

Our cyber-security specialists of the SOC safeguard and monitor your business network, infrastructure, and applications continuously. On the basis of various events, Tesorion can detect and eliminate a cyber-attack in a timely fashion. This safeguards the continuity of your business operations.

More information about SOC

Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.

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