Be aware of what goes on at your digital front door 24/7

And only open it when you know for sure who is behind it. Perfect, right?

Firewalls deserve more than just to be managed

Security by design

To Tesorion, security is not something we do on the side or just one of many important things that need to be done. Security is, in fact, all we do. In short, our entire focus is on the digital security of you, your people, your data, and your organisation. Security is something we never compromise on.

Availability and security

It starts with maintaining access to systems and data but soon extends to continuous secure working and the prevention of data breaches. Tesorion’s focus is entirely on cybersecurity and that is why access alone is not enough.

Roadmap and innovation

How can new innovations and our partners’ roadmaps support our customers? Our roadmap and innovation sessions enable you to maximise your investment. We periodically share information on relevant new developments.


Tesorion proactively advises you on the impact of an update or upgrade. We also update you when a firewall is no longer supported and needs to be replaced and we then, of course, provide you with a suitable migration plan.

Health check

Discover potential risks in your security with our health check, which you could compare to an annual car MOT. It can be used to check various aspects of firewalls to see whether everything is still secure. If it is not, we advise you on the steps you can take.

Building blocks

The Managed Firewall service integrates seamlessly with other services and that makes Tesorion a one-stop cybersecurity shop for your organisation. You decide what we do and we make sure that, in return, you can sleep easy at night.

Support of Tesorion

If firewall management is not exactly your core business, or if you need some help, you simply decide at what level you need assistance and Tesorion will always have the right solution. The options are shown in the following overview.

Basic Service

If you are unable to fix the issue yourself, we will assist you. You retain managerial responsibility.

Plus Service

We will also help you with complex matters such as upgrades. You retain managerial responsibility.

Premium Service

We take complete responsibility for the management, monitoring, and maintenance of the firewalls, enabling you to focus on your work.

Email and phone support

Software update and upgrades

Health check

Perform upgrade

Monitoring and Administration

Cybersecurity analyzes

SOC monitoring

SOC response

Why choose Tesorion?

Monitoring and learning 24/7

Tesorion continuously monitors your data and network to prevent digital breaches. The Tesorion SOC even takes this a step further by going all out to identify and disable any threats.

Personal point of contact

There is nothing better than knowing who you are dealing with and that is why you will have your own Tesorion contact person. Together, we will work to optimise our services so that we are always able to offer your organisation the best solution.


Predictable subscription

For a fixed monthly amount, we can offer predictability and fully operational network security. We are already doing this for more than 300 customers in the education, healthcare, transport, and financial services sectors.

Clear reporting

To measure is to know and insights enable you to stay on course. Our pragmatic approach and clear reporting offer you an insight into what is going on, which attempted attacks have been eliminated, and how we can improve.

How do you make sure that network security is fully utilised?

Tesorion cooperates with the three best firewall suppliers, as confirmed by Gartner. We monitor your front door and limit access to your network and data 24/7, thereby enabling your employees to work securely from home and enabling you to make optimal use of your network security system.

We monitor and check all access elements in and around your network and your mission-critical information assets, or crown jewels. Whenever we encounter an intruder we intervene – as agreed – in order to neutralise the threat. Finally, we provide clear and transparent reports so that you always know what we are up to. The fact that we are always learning means we make sure that your Tesorion Managed Firewall service is always tailored to your needs.

You may prefer to do things on your own. If that is not the case, please feel free to contact us.

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