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What if you simply do nothing about cyber-awareness?

We know we should not just click on any old link, nor use a public Wi-Fi network.

But is that all we need to do?

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Tesorion helps you increase awareness


An extensive library of divergent content is available to your employees which can, of course, be integrated into in-house Learning Management Systems.


Regular training helps to create more insight, for example into the goals of hackers, and also enables you to learn how best to use our standard ways of behaving and thinking.


Are you sure your employees are not going to be tempted to click a phishing link? We can test this regularly in order to find out and give you an insight into their clicking behaviour.


Increase awareness within your organisation by putting up posters at both the office and at home. After all, repetition increases people’s awareness and that will have an effect on their behaviour. Ask us for the free handouts. Request the hand-out.

Serious gaming

People find it easier and more fun to adopt new behaviour in gaming situations. That is why Tesorion uses gamification to teach people to recognise cyber threats and respond appropriately.

Hacking demo

Have you ever experienced a live hacking attack? The fact that we consider hacking to be something negative and to be avoided does not make it any less exciting to some people, as our experts can demonstrate.

Why choose Tesorion?

Learning from practice

As we work for customers, we come across all kinds of practical examples which we can use to develop new training courses or optimise existing ones. It is a win-win situation.

Continuous learning

True knowledge means knowing that you know nothing. We learn something new every day and that is exactly what we believe in. Learning continuously via brief interactive content enables us to stay relevant and keep employees interested.

Combining the best bits

By purchasing materials and combining these with our own, and with the knowledge we have acquired, we are able to achieve our goal of providing our clients with the best possible solutions.

Learning has to be fun

Having to learn something new is not always an enjoyable experience and that is why we want to make Behaviour & Awareness fun. We believe we can achieve this through gamification and humorous illustrations and, of course, entertaining online lessons.

Why should you invest in Behaviour & Awareness?

Hackers want to earn money by stealing personal data or breaking into an organisation’s network. Depending on the organisation, there are all kinds of reasons why cybercriminals find this interesting. Money makes the world go round and you have to be on your guard, for example by investing in technology. After all, technology can offer all kinds of useful solutions, as shown in the Email Security and Endpoint Security research. However, these solutions are not always watertight and, although some certainly get very close to 100%, they still offer opportunities which cybercriminals will find hard to resist. By training your employees and making them aware of certain behaviour you can protect those chinks in the armour not covered by technology.

Together, we will complete five clear steps

Our roadmap to making your employees optimally aware of certain behaviour consists of five distinct steps.


1. Motivation


2. Baseline measurement


3. Strategy


4. Training

icon-stap5 awareness

5. Optimisation

Cyber-security starts with awareness

and with the free Tesorion awareness handout

We are always connected to each other. Messages are received via various channels. Do you recognise phishing messages? Do you, obviously, never click on unknown links? Sometimes it can be quite difficult to recognise the difference between real and fake.

To help you and your colleagues on your way and at home, we created a handout for you with handy tips. This way, you play an active part in a cyber-secure work environment and a more secure Netherlands.

Order handout free of charge

We offer protection to


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Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.

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