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Retrospect Report #1

By 1 June 2020 April 6th, 2021 Resources

Tesorion sees an increase in cyber attacks when returning to the office

In het Tesorion Retrospect #2 we look back at the past year, one in which the coronacrisis has severely disrupted the continuity of many businesses. Learn more about how COVID-19 gives hackers free rein on business networks.

Your company network is always active. Employees come in and open their laptops or switch on their desktop computers. These devices then start sending and receiving information via the network. They look to contact the servers in the datacentre or in the cloud, the printers, or with devices in the meeting rooms. Customers and suppliers who visit seek to get on the internet using your Wi-Fi network. It’s all very busy, but among all that activity, there are malicious forces at work. From malware that attempts to strike to hackers who have intruded. Your network is continuously threatened, and you have to take action to prevent it.