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An insight into vulnerabilities in your IT environment

We all like to think we have an excellent insight into the vulnerabilities of our IT infrastructure
and you are probably no exception. However, the question is do you have a structured approach? Tesorion can make things easy for your organization.

How? We are here to help you.

The world is becoming more and more digitized and insight is crucial.

Vulnerability Management automatically monitors your ICT infrastructure for all kinds of vulnerabilities. You will also actively and permanently be updated on new and existing vulnerabilities. This is important information which allows you to take suitable measures on time. For example, Vulnerability Management identifies vulnerabilities which arise due to, for example, programming or configuration errors. We then present all the relevant information clearly in a report.

Vulnerability Management provides insights

vulnerability management, kwetsbaarheden vinden

Finding vulnerabilities

Updates are constantly being made available to eliminate vulnerabilities. However, those updates have to be installed in order to have effect and unfortunately, people sometimes cut corners. Tesorion can help you tackle that problem with Vulnerability Management. We scan the network for known vulnerabilities in accordance with an agreed schedule, so that you can take action as necessary.

beschikbaarheid en doorlopend scannen

Continuous scanning

Microsoft has its Patch Tuesday, but other suppliers also issue periodical updates. The fact that issuing updates is a continuous process means that it is important to know which systems are eligible for an update. That allows you to patch them before someone else exploits the vulnerability. Without those updates, the systems are often vulnerable so an insight into those vulnerabilities is essential.


Insight into applications and devices

Not only does software need to be patched, but devices as well, for example switches, firewalls, printers and cameras. Patching the entire IT landscape can therefore become quite a chaotic process. Vulnerability Management enables us to prioritize the actions on the basis of any vulnerabilities in relation to the importance of the device for your infrastructure.

rapportage icoon

An easy-to-understand dashboard

We can provide a total overview of vulnerable systems and a trend analysis of vulnerabilities in your infrastructure via our portal. The vulnerabilities are displayed in order of priority and we determine those priorities on the basis of the vulnerability (how serious it is) and the importance of the device in question (how important this server is for your operations). This generates a list of action items which makes your work easier.

gedrag en bewustzijn

Behavior and Awareness

Whenever new vulnerabilities are discovered, cybercriminals soon try to exploit them. They will try to mislead your employees into taking the first step, for example by clicking a link or unwittingly disclosing login details. With a variety of training courses and simulations we can help you and your employees become aware to the signals of risks like these.

ethisch hacken

Ethical hacking

Some vulnerabilities remain unresolved, for example configuration errors, vulnerabilities in self-written software or simply because there is no commercial possibility for implementing an upgrade. Although you can also take measures against these kinds of threats, the question is are they effective? Tesorion’s ethical hackers test your resilience by performing a pen test.

Why choose Tesorion?

Security is a continuous process

Tesorion’s Vulnerability Management gives you continuous insight into your security updates, so that you can assess whether the right issues are being tackled and getting the right amount of attention. This limits the risks.

Your own contact person

There is nothing better than working with someone you know. That is why Tesorion assigns you your own contact person. Together, we can a range optimal security for your organization.


Predictable subscription

For a fixed monthly amount, we can offer predictability and fully operational network security. We are already doing this for more than 300+ clients in a variety of sectors.

heldere rapportage

Clear reporting

To measure is to know and insights enable you to stay on course. Our pragmatic approach and clear reporting give you an insight into vulnerabilities. We also make your management tasks easier because you can take targeted action.

Suppress vulnerabilities as quickly as possible

Vulnerability Management enables us to identify vulnerabilities. This is an excellent step towards achieving a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

ISO and NEN standards require you to have an insight into the systems that are connected to your network. Your risk management will be enhanced due to you being in control and consciously deciding to take action or not. It is precisely by regularly scanning for vulnerabilities that we are able to contribute actively to a relevant security policy.

Our automated scanners give you a complete insight into the state of your IT landscape, for example scans of web applications, but also of your local network, your cloud network, firewalls, endpoint security, and much more.

Maximize your cybersecurity strategy

Thanks to endpoint protection solutions you can also scan, via a software agent, for vulnerabilities at workstations and servers. This enables you to see, for example, the Windows update level, the software used which cannot be seen externally and more. The endpoint protection solution also means you are protected against any exploitation of these vulnerabilities. However, it is, of course, still a good idea to resolve them instead.

vulnerability management geillustreerd met touw

Did you know that malware and other potential dangers on your network use known vulnerabilities and even vulnerabilities for which an update is already available? Tesorion can help you identify and manage vulnerabilities. In short, we can give your insight and control.

Tesorion Immunity also offers you automatic detection and isolation.

We offer protection to


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Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.

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