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Privacy Policy

By 12 July 2019 September 20th, 2023 News

Via the services and the websites * and of  Tesorion Nederland B.V. or other Tesorion Companies  (hereinafter referred to as: “Tesorion”) privacy-sensitive data or personal data is processed. Tesorion attaches great importance to the careful handling of personal data; these are therefore carefully processed and secured by us.
In our processing, we adhere to the requirements set by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). That means, among other things, that we:

  • make it clear  for  what purposes  we process personal data. We do this through this privacy and cookie statement;
  • limit our collection of personal data  to only those personal data that are necessary for legitimate purposes;
  • request explicit consent  before processing your personal data in cases for which consent is the basis for processing;
  • take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and require the same of parties who process personal data on our behalf if applicable;
  • offer you the opportunity to view your personal data and to correct or delete them insofar as the basis for processing allows this.

We are the data controller. In this privacy and cookie statement we explain what personal data we collect and use, and for what purpose. We recommend that you read this statement carefully.

Use of personal data

When using our website and services, you leave certain data with us. This may involve personal data. We only store and use personal data provided directly by you. We will not use the personal data for other purposes, unless you have given your prior consent, or we are permitted or required by law to do so.

Our website offers the possibility to ask questions via e-mail, where you will be asked to fill in various details in order to be able to process your question.

Retention periods

The above data will be kept in accordance with current legislation and/or for as long as it is necessary to provide our services to you. The data are then deleted, unless there is a legal obligation to retain them for a longer period of time (such as the seven-year tax retention obligation for payment data).

Online and marketing

We use your data to improve your experience with Tesorion and its services. We do this by first collecting data from or about you and data from third parties, and subsequently analysing that data to gain insights into behavioural and demographic data. These insights are used to improve our products, our website, and our marketing efforts, including online advertising.

The data we use are the data you have provided through our website or social media accounts. The data we use include IP addresses, advertising IDs, cookies, and other computer activity data, as well as indications of your behaviour, interests, and demographics. We also use similar data that we receive from others, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.


We take appropriate security measures to limit misuse and unauthorised access to your personal data.

Issuing to third parties

We will not pass on the data you provide to other parties if you have not given your consent, unless this is necessary in the context of the execution of the agreement you enter into with us, or if this is required by law.


Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent with pages of our website and stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers the next time you visit us. Third parties may also place cookies via our website.

When you visit our website for the first time, or on repeated visits after the cookies have been deleted by you, a message will be displayed at the bottom of the website informing you about the cookies we use. As soon as you accept the cookies you give us permission to use all cookies and plug-ins as described in the notice and this privacy and cookie statement. You are free to disable cookies through your browser. Please keep in mind that it is possible that our website will not function optimally anymore.

Third party websites

This statement applies only to Tesorion websites and its affiliated companies, and does not apply to third party websites linked to on our website. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will process your personal data reliably or securely. We advise you to read the privacy statements of these websites before using them.

Video chat services

If you participate in an online meeting or meeting of or with Tesorion where there is a possibility that recordings will be made, you will always be informed in advance and asked for explicit permission. During the online meeting or meeting, the purpose of the recording will always be shared as well as what the recording will be used for. You can always submit a request afterwards to exercise your right to be forgotten.

Changes to this privacy and cookie statement

We reserve the right to make changes to this statement. Changes will be published on this website. It is recommended that you consult this statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes.

Authority Personal data

Of course, we will be happy to establish contact with you if you have any complaints about the processing of your personal data. You can also contact us with any complaints via the below mentioned form. Pursuant to the Privacy Act, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Authority. You can contact the Personal Data Authority for this purpose.

Inspection and modification of your data

  • You can make a request to view your data and, if they are found to be incorrect, to have them changed or deleted,
  • or indicate, with reasons, that you wish us to restrict the processing of personal data.

Such requests can be sent to us via the below mentioned form.

To prevent abuse, we ask you to identify yourself. If it concerns access to personal data linked to a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find these in the settings of your browser.