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The powerful combination
of Tesorion Immunity

How does it work?

To secure your network it is important to not just have a picture of the individual user devices, but also of the network equipment. Your computer network consists of, inter alia, switches, access points, and wireless LAN controllers. This equipment ensures that you can connect to your network and can therefore be operational.

With Tesorion Immunity, you gain a powerful combination. For instance, we combine access control and network security by including the network equipment in the security. Or rather, we monitor who can gain access and what is acceptable behaviour. To keep track of what is happening on the network and to, if so required, be able to intervene automatically, Tesorion Immunity communicates with your network equipment.

Business context & reliability score

Thanks to the configured rules it is clear how an intervention should take place in case of deviations. These rules combine the threat level (the reliability score) per threat category and the business context of the device. You may want to treat a tablet on the guest network differently to a laptop connected to the financial administration system. Depending on the threshold values, Tesorion Immunity actually intervenes in case of a threat. The infected device is then isolated automatically as a result of which the threat is immediately averted. The relevant employee or visitor and the IT department is then notified.

Tesorion Immunity offers you a powerful combination

For example, we combine access control with network security by involving the network equipment in security. In other words, we monitor who is allowed in and what is acceptable behavior. To keep an eye on what is happening on the network and, if desired, to be able to intervene automatically, Tesorion Immunity communicates with your network equipment.

Why choose Tesorion Immunity?

Automated detection of potential incidents
A grip on your data, equipment, and network
Guest access to your network under control
Prevention of dissemination of malware
Immediate isolation of threats
Predictable and transparent subscription model
User-friendly and intelligent reporting
Short and easy implementation