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It is time for a flexible cybersecurity operator

Cybersecurity and an appropriate cybersecurity policy are dependent on many factors, such as the size of your organization, the processes and the extent to which your data has to be protected against loss. Another factor is the continuity of your business. Despite this, it may not be feasible to employ your own CISO and that is why Tesorion offers CISO as a Service.

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In this way, you can combine security and flexibility to create an ideal match!

Tesorion’s CISO as a Service gives you experience and up-to-date knowledge at all times in the field of information security.

Within an organization, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for the information security policy. The CISO directs the process of defining the road map to grow to the desired security level, with the main objective being to mitigate operating risks.

In short, Tesorion’s CISO as a Service means having your own experienced and expert information security officer.

Tesorion CISO as a Service in a Nutshell

inzicht icoon

Insight into threats

Cybersecurity-related developments are taking place at breakneck speed and they are not lost on cybercriminals either. That makes it difficult to set priorities and decide which threats are having a major impact and which ones are not. Tesorion’s CISO can rely on a large network of experts who all working together to enhance your cybersecurity.

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Experienced CISO

A CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, needs knowledge at operational, tactical and strategic levels. The CISO is therefore an expert who helps resolve issues relating to information security in the most pragmatic and efficient way possible.

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Specialist in governance

Our experts continually update their knowledge and use their years of practical experience to the benefit of our clients. The Tesorion expert will provide you with pragmatic advice and knows what is needed in order to fulfill legislation and regulations, or whether certain steps need to be taken to comply with a specific standard.


Risk assessment

Every choice you make implies risks, for example choosing a new platform or a strategic supplier, or perhaps choosing to take over an organization. You want to know in advance the risks you will be running and how you should deal with them. Our risk assessment gives you insights.


Chain dependency

Your organization also uses third-party applications and services, to support your own services or otherwise. The question is whether those third parties have satisfactory cybersecurity measures in place. Have you assessed the risks and dependencies, or are there no risks?

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Flexible and available

The Tesorion CISO can provide support at fixed points in time. Together with you, we assess the various wishes and requirements and how we can best fulfill them. This means you have a flexible asset which is available on the basis of predetermined arrangements. Together with you, we decide a realistic level of service.

Why choose Tesorion?


Pragmatic experts

We can help you gain insight in clear and understandable language. You do not have to worry about having to tackle problems on your own.


Risk assessment

That things can go wrong is almost inevitable, but is it a risk as well? Our experts can give you clarity on this in a pragmatic way.

vertrouwen en transparantie


It is important that we can trust each other. That is why we say what we do and do what we say, in order to create a safe environment.

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Clear reporting

Our reports do not simply disappear into a drawer, but immediately add value and are put together in such a way that you know where to start.

The Tesorion CISOs can offer optimal value to your organization

Experienced information security officers

The Tesorion CISOs have relevant experience at operational, tactical and strategic levels. They work for numerous organizations and are part of the cybersecurity team, within which knowledge and experience are exchanged. You will have your own experienced CISO who can call on an extensive knowledge network.

The Tesorion CISO can provide support at fixed points in time.

Together with you, we assess the various wishes and requirements and how we can best fulfill them. This means you have a flexible asset which is available on the basis of predetermined arrangements. Together with you, we decide a realistic level of service. You will have your own contact person at Tesorion.

Can the Tesorion CISO help you?

CISO as a Service starts with a period during which our CISO will get to know your organization. During this period, assessments and interviews will be used to carry out a baseline measurement of the current level of maturity in the field of cybersecurity. The CISO will help you determine the road map you will need to follow to grow to the desired level.

A Tesorion CISO is both a consultant and an expert who will help you set up an information security process.

Extensive network

The fact that a Tesorion CISO has access to a large network of hands-on experts and has practical knowledge of the implementation of norms and standards and various assessments means he can make a rapid and effective contribution to the key processes within your organization and offer you relevant advice.


During a pragmatic workshop, we define the current state of affairs and present our findings in a clear report. Together, we decide which insights are necessary and which assessment is most appropriate. We can, for example, provide help in the form of a Data Protection Impact Assessment.

Implementation of norms and standards

We are fully conversant with norms and standards such as the GDPR, NIST, ISF, CIS, BIO, NEN 7510 and ISO 27001. Together with people within your organization we set up the management system. Our experienced experts can also draw from a library of templates and best practices.

We offer protection to


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Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.

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