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On this page you can read all about the solutions we offer.

  • Computer Emergency Response Team

    T-CERT logoHit by a cyber-incident? CERT is available 24/7 The Tesorion Computer Emergency Response Team (T-CERT) helps your business to keep going securely after a security incident so that you can continue operating with confidence. Tesorion CERT can help in the…Read more »
  • CISO as a Service

    It is time for a flexible cybersecurity operator Cybersecurity and an appropriate cybersecurity policy are dependent on many factors, such as the size of your organization, the processes and the extent to which your data has to be protected against…Read more »
  • Intelligence Driven Protection

    VIP-beveiligingDo you know what goes on out of sight? Tesorion Intelligence Driven Protection will warn you automatically whenever activities occur which are, or might be, a threat to your business. In short: would you want to know? Tesorion Intelligence Driven…Read more »
  • Consultancy

    It is time for a cyber-security plan that works How many plans have been written over the course of time and instantly shelved? How many plans only exist on paper and have never been tested in practice? Our cybersecurity plans…Read more »
  • Endpoint Protection

    bullseyeEndpoint Protection, the next generation Do you have control of all the devices that can access your data? Do you have an integrated cybersecurity approach with regard to BYOD? Tesorion makes things easy. We are here to help you. Protect…Read more »
  • Firewall Technology

    With a firewall you will not forget to lock your front door whenever you pop out Surely, you would never forget to do this. Right? Firewall, the next generation In addition to antivirus software, the firewall is the most common…Read more »
  • Assessments

    assessments icoonCan you pass these assessments with flying colors? Is 'security by design' and 'privacy by design' part of the cloud strategy? How is the IT infrastructure arranged at the office or the data center? And which risks are you actually…Read more »
  • Managed Firewall

    Be aware of what goes on at your digital front door 24/7 And only open it when you know for sure who is behind it. Perfect, right? Firewalls deserve more than just to be managed Security by design To Tesorion,…Read more »
  • E-mail Security

    email protection icoonE-mail security is about sharing information with everybody safely Unsafe emailing is still the greatest cause of data leaks. Research has shown that in 40% of the cases, emails are sent to the wrong email address. This is easy to…Read more »
  • Vulnerability Management

    vulnerability management, kwetsbaarheden vindenAn insight into vulnerabilities in your IT environment We all like to think we have an excellent insight into the vulnerabilities of our IT infrastructure and you are probably no exception. However, the question is do you have a structured…Read more »
  • Behaviour & Awareness

    What if you simply do nothing about cyber-awareness? We know we should not just click on any old link, nor use a public Wi-Fi network. But is that all we need to do? Tesorion helps you increase awareness Training An…Read more »
  • Tesorion Immunity

    Prevent malware from stealing your data and integrity Of course, this will not happen to your organisation. Or will it? Tesorion Immunity in practice Education Education has become increasingly digital. Students are adopting new techniques faster than ever. Moreover, they…Read more »
  • Offensive Security

    One day, an actual hacking attempt will take place You have already invested in security measures and everything is in place to ward off cybercriminals. Right? Tesorion Offensive Security in practice Digital valuables We assess the feasibility and the chance…Read more »
  • Security Operations Center

    RisicobeperkingSecure your digital valuables and continuously improve your security We can help you by responding to potential risks, as well as continuously improving the process in accordance with our tested 360-degree method. Or are you lucky enough never to have…Read more »