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Back in Business thanks to Tesorion CERT

Even if you’ve taken the right cyber security measures to protect yourself against cyber incidents, an incident can occur at any time. For example, a ransomware attack could bring down your network, or a large scale data breach might occur. Your company is your highest priority. In the best case, digital attacks are merely a distraction, in the worst case they can completely disrupt your operation.

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) from Tesorion offers the solution.

Tesorion has dedicated Emergency Response Specialists to assist you in investigating and thoroughly mitigating cyber-attacks, your business continuity is our top priority. Our specialists combine their expertise with leading threat information to help you with a wide range of activities – from technical response to crisis management. The CERT works fast, efficiently and decisively. Our employees are certified and have knowledge of various branches and markets. Whatever cyber-attack has taken place, we are tackling it: that is the power of Tesorion’s CERT.

Available 24/7
Can be deployed anywhere in the world
Multidisciplinary team of professionals
Support in rebuilding the IT environment after a cyber incident

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