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Reference Royal Smilde

As a company you are becoming more and more vulnerable

We have 5 production sites in the Netherlands, each with its own quirks and characteristics. This means that each location has different types of equipment, as well as different types of PCs, printers and mobile phones. Naturally, all these devices are connected to our network. On top of that, at each location we have visitors and suppliers.

Richard Elsinga, IT manager at Royal Smilde

Innovation and quality play a major role not only within product development, but also in the field of IT and cyber security.
Richard Elsinga talks about the need for continued innovation in the support departments to ensure that the primary business processes are not jeopardised. Against the background of increasing automation of processes and increasing use of the network – thanks to IoT, keeping a grip on things as well as identifying and acting on risks at an early stage is all the more vital. Tesorion Immunity, a solution that identifies potential risks within the network and automatically takes action, is essential for this.

”Continuity is essential for us to live up to our customers’ expectations. Of course, we have incorporated a margin for error; but especially with the chilled products, one mistake and we hit the headlines.”

Royal Smilde delivers orders at the desired moment. This means a huge amount of data exchange to ensure smooth production and deliveries.

With a production of this magnitude, any minor hiccup in the production or logistic process is a potential disaster.

Integrated approach was the deciding factor

Royal Smilde has opted for an integrated approach. What that means in practice is a central IT organisation, a single platform, a single domain and a single approach to security. Local support is provided at each location. When it turned out that there were gaps in the existing security measures in the area of cyber security, together with Tesorion we looked at a future-proof solution.

One day of non-delivery can mean a major loss.

Keeping control

“Of course, we’ve implemented firewalls and virus scanners,” Richard continues. “But that’s specifically for traffic coming in from outside. What we didn’t have at the time was a solution for threats that were already inside. You can actually see that as a sort of third layer.”

“First there is a firewall, and then the virus scanner. Tesorion Immunity then ensures that if anything does get through, or if someone inadvertently puts malware on the network by using an external data carrier for example, we are still protected.” Especially with the entire IoT development, the number of devices and the associated network traffic increases significantly. These devices need access, or they communicate outside. This brings with it the risk of your IT organisation losing its grip. After all, what you want at all costs is to prevent an unauthorised device from accessing your network.”

Total solution without major modifications

Royal Smilde has opted for a total solution from Tesorion Immunity. In doing so, we not only looked at technology, innovation and future-proofing, but also at ease of management and user-friendliness. A choice that fits the mission and vision of this royal company in all respects. Tesorion Immunity provides Royal Smilde with all the required functionalities, without the need for conversion. “We were able to simply connect Tesorion Immunity to our existing network. Because it makes clever use of a number of characteristics, the system is self-learning, so that after the ‘learning’ period, it knows what equipment is running. Then it’s just a case of turning it on and letting it run. Actually, you could say that anything with an IP address is first of all logged with us, so that we can add and monitor that device or machine in Tesorion Immunity.” For more information about Royal Smilde please take a look at their website:

Disclaimer Reference Royal Smilde

This Reference Royal Smilde is authorized by Richard Elsinga, IT manager at Royal Smilde.