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ROC Nijmegen

Accessible, open, but foremost
safe & secure

ROC Nijmegen, a vocational education institute, has become more centralised in recent years: the 10,000 or so students and 1,000 employees are now located across five different sites. With the help of Tesorion Immunity, the ICT department is able to ensure that every employee and every student can use their networks quickly and securely.

Arjan Teuwsen, unit coördinator infra, Jean Paul Houkes, ICT-medewerker en Rutger Janssen, ICT-medewerker

The main ROC Nijmegen building, situated in the heart of the city, entered into service in 2006. “At the time, the usual option was to set up a wireless network,” recalls infra unit coordinator Arjan Teuwsen. “More and more students were bringing their own notebooks to school. We therefore had to provide easy access, to enable them to use their own equipment while at school.” In recent years, Bring Your Own Device is now standard practice in the education sector, so ROC Nijmegen was well ahead of the game.

”The aim was to provide easy access to the internet and network for everyone – even for users using their own devices, without any modifications being necessary. The top priority was for users to be able to get online quickly. ”

The number of mobile devices continues to rise, so education institutes have to adapt accordingly.

Don’t close too much off

“Tesorion Immunity allows users lots of freedom, until they do something wrong,” says Teuwsen. And that is exactly what he was looking for. Teuwsen was unable to find any other party offering the same thing with the same level of professionalism. ROC Nijmegen was keen to keep the network as open and accessible as possible. “More than anything, it had to be a product that everyone found easy to use,” says Teuwsen. “And it is. If an end-user does something wrong, they are put into quarantine. The first time, they can get themselves out once they have solved the problem.”

Security is a major priority of the school. “We have created a division at network level: administered devices, non-administered devices, telephones, and resources (printers and the like). There is also a separate network for our guests to use.”

Advantage for administrators

Apart from the students who enjoy the benefits of working with Tesorion Immunity, the product also provides a significant advantage for administrators. “Everything has become much simpler. In the past, we had to look for the right patch cable if we needed to change anything.”

“Tesorion Immunity recognises automatically which device is connected. This means that much of the work can now be organised from behind a desk, largely obviating the need to move around. We are literally saving on shoe leather,” says Teuwsen. Moreover, the application has been introduced throughout ROC. Does this mean lots of journeys between the different campuses? “No, we hardly ever have to be there,” explains ICT employee Rutger Janssen. “Everything can be done from here, which makes it an ideal system for us.”

Suggesting functionalities

ROC Nijmegen is very pleased to be using all the functionalities contained in Tesorion Immunity “Tesorion invests a great deal of time and energy on development. We are given early warning of the mandatory update that the system has to have every year, but we also implement the non-mandatory ones as well,” says Houkes. “We can also suggest any new ideas for functionalities ourselves, and they are very often acted upon.”

Beste ICT investment

The price-quality ratio is outstanding, according to Teuwsen. He even goes so far as to say that it is ‘the best ICT investment ever’. “I’d be perfectly prepared to mention negative aspects, but there simply aren’t any. The product has been developed by professionals who know their stuff and it shows – it works perfectly.” He is also very satisfied with Tesorion as a supplier. Several of ROC Nijmegen’s ICT colleagues recently attended the first users’ afternoon session given by Tesorion. “It was a great success as far as we are concerned: it was really useful,” says Houkes. According to Teuwsen, the users’ afternoon session is a good indicator of Tesorion’s service-minded approach: “Its level of service is excellent. We will definitely be working in partnership with this organisation for a long time yet.”