Do you know what goes on out of sight?

Tesorion Digital Risk Protection will warn you automatically whenever activities occur which are, or might be, a threat to your business.

In short: would you want to know?

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Tesorion Digital Risk Protection in practice

Indicators of an attack

Is your organisation suddenly in the “digital spotlight”? Or are hackers talking online about your “digital doors being open”? If so, it may be that things are going on which are, or may be, a threat to your business. That is the reason why we look for indicators of an attack to be able to report any threats at an early stage.

Data breaches

Has any of your organisation’s sensitive (login) data been unintentionally disclosed? In such situations, you would want to be warned at the earliest opportunity so that you could, for instance, proactively reset passwords or inform your customers and chain partners.


Are cybercriminals trying to extract data from your employees or customers? The registration of domain names similar to your own company name may be a signal of an imminent phishing attack. By monitoring this continuously, you can proactively arm yourself against these forms of attack.

Brand security

If others are trying to imitate or abuse your brand name online, for instance by monitoring social media, you can act quickly in the event of misuse and perhaps prevent fraud.

Exposed systems

Do you know which (vulnerable) systems you have (perhaps unconsciously) exposed to the Internet? Cybercriminals are continuously on the lookout for these because it makes it easy for them to breach your security. Tesorion continuously monitors exposed systems for any “open doors” to prevent you falling victim to this kind of cybercrime.


Digital VIP security

Detecting imitation profiles on social media can prevent misuse by cybercriminals who pretend to be board members and other directors of your organisation.

Why choose Tesorion?

Security is a continuous process

It is important to continuously focus on prevention, detection, and response. With DRP you can add “prediction” to this list and that will enable you to intervene or even prevent security breaches even sooner.


Risk assessment

The consultants of Tesorion can help you set up DRP in a way which is tailored to the needs of your organisation. Together with you, they will identify your concerns and what is the most realistic, albeit undesirable, risk you want to protect yourself against.


Limitation of risks

The information that DRP yields can be used to determine and implement security measures much more accurately. It can also be used to assess whether the security policy actually focuses on the most important matters, thereby limiting the risks.

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Clear reporting

Our experts continuously advise on detected threats and determine what the correct approach is in order to remove them (as much as possible). One approach would, for example, be to try to have information – for example an imitation domain name – removed via partners.

How do we deploy DRP effectively?

The Tesorion DRP platform continuously monitors thousands of sources on the clear, deep, and dark web for references to your unique digital footprint. As a result, Tesorion detects threats that manifest themselves out of sight of your organisation. Examples of these kinds of threats are attempts to imitate your identity, the leaking of business and/or login details, or references to your business on hacking forums.

We help you identify your concerns and the most realistic, albeit undesirable, risk you want to protect your organisation against.

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