How cyber aware are
your employees?

For many years, phishing has been the most frequently used mode of attack to steal login details or
to distribute malware. In 2020, this has also been the most frequently used method to date, according to the NCSC. Making your organisation resilient therefore starts with the employee.

In addition to all sorts of technical measures, it is important to make employees aware
of the risks and to assist them in recognising malicious emails. Do you want to know how
cyber aware your employees are?

Tesorion can carry out a (benchmark) measurement fast and easy that gives you insight into this.
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of the businesses in Europe indicate that they were affected by a cyber-attack in the past year.


is lost due to cyber-criminality in the Netherlands every year.


of the people in the Netherlands were the victim of a cyber offence in 2017.


million, fraud amongst private individuals cost in 2019.


of the attacks on European businesses cost over € 400,000.00.


of the European businesses had 5 hours or more of downtime due to a cyber-attack.

How do you handle these risks?

A risk implies the chance that something happens and the impact when it happens. Both the chance and the impact of a successful phishing attack can be reduced. By increasing the cyber awareness of your employees, you reduce the chance of a phishing attack being successful. We believe that it cannot be prevented that a malicious person steals login details via phishing or installs malware, however, by increasing the awareness the chance can be reduced significantly. In addition, it is important to take measures to reduce the impact. Tesorion can assist by:

What if it does go wrong?

If a phishing attack has been successful, then this means that malicious persons stole login details or installed malware (e.g. trojans orf ransomware).

If you are lucky then your employee realises that something is not right. The alternative is that an intrusion is attempted with the stolen details or a ransomware attack occurs. In those instances, the T-CERT can, in association with your IT Department or IT partner, assist in remedying the situation. By carrying out a forensic investigation, we detect the root cause of an incident and we assist in solving the breach so that you can continue your operations with confidence.

An Awareness Campaign consists of the following five steps

Tesorion sees Awareness as a process of firstly creating awareness then measuring it


1. Motivation


2. Baseline assessment


3. Strategy


4. Campaign

icon-stap5 awareness

5. Optimisation

Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.