There are no problems, because there is always a solution. However, this solution may vary per customer. Together with our customers, Tesorion looks for the solution that offers the best fit. Ranging from specific solutions to increase the awareness to specific solutions like Tesorion Immunity, SOC services or direct assistance of our CERT specialists.

  • CERT

    The Tesorion Computer Emergency Response Team (T-CERT) assists your business 24/7 in continuing securely after a security incident. That way, you can continue your operations with confidence.Read more »
  • SOC

    The Tesorion SOC monitors your precious digital assets 24/7 You have connected various systems with each other to be able to work as efficiently as possible. In addition, users work at various locations and have access to, inter alia, the…Read more »
  • Awareness

    How cyber aware are your employees? For many years, phishing has been the most frequently used mode of attack to steal login details or to distribute malware. In 2020, this has also been the most frequently used method to date,…Read more »