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Tesorion announces partnership with Qualys regarding vulnerability management

By 13 March 2023 News

Leusden – Tesorion, the largest, 100% Dutch, independent cybersecurity service provider, chooses the cloud-based IT, security and compliance solution by Qualys. The goal is to unburden customers in the area of Vulnerability Management, an important part of cyber security policy at a lot of companies.  Qualys’s platform will act as the technological base for Tesorion’s services.

Vulnerability management

An important attack vector for cybercriminals is the exploitation of vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure. Daily, hundreds of new vulnerabilities are discovered, and vendors regularly release patches to address important vulnerabilities. Though, not every vulnerability poses the same risk to an organization.

Qualys’s cloud platform provides an organization with an insight in which devices are on the network, and what software version is operating on the device. The platform is designed in a way that large amounts of devices can be assessed easily and quickly, and enriched with business context. When an important vulnerability is publicized, this information provides starting points for the Security Operations Center (SOC) to be vigilant for attempts of exploitation of this vulnerability. Consequently, the security specialists identify the risk and help with the approach to mitigate the risk.

Robbin Begeer, portfolio manager at Tesorion: “Infrastructures are only becoming bigger and more complex. That is why Tesorion does not just help clients with getting a n overview of all devices and vulnerabilities. We also support in determining the right priorities by having a risk-driven approach when it comes to vulnerabilities. Qualys has developed powerful, innovative solutions which will seamlessly support this process.”