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Tesorion announces partnership with KLDiscovery Ontrack for data recovery and eDiscovery

By 29 June 2022 November 4th, 2022 News

Data recovery essential to return to normal operations after a cyber incident as soon as possible

Tesorion, the largest, 100% Dutch, independent cyber security service provider announces a partnership with KLDiscovery Ontrack. The partnership will focus on the areas of data recovery and eDiscovery. Tesorion among others, offers 24/7 support with cyber incidents. Specialists in the field of digital forensic investigation help to resolve the cause of a cyber incident as soon as possible and resume regular business operations at operational, tactical and strategic levels. Data recovery and eDiscovery play an important role, because direct and indirect costs increase significantly as the recovery process goes on.

Rapid data recovery and eDiscovery play an essential in the recovery process after for example, a ransomware attack. Particularly when, in addition to the encrypted server data, the back-up is useless as well because it has also been encrypted, removed or overwritten. Additionally, organizations are obligated to investigate the possibility of a data leak in the event of a cyber incident and if applicable, notify supervisory authorities and those involved within a given period. Quick localization of personal information following a cyber incident is often complex due to the large amounts of unstructured data. This is where eDiscovery comes into play to simplify and speed up the process.

Jaap-Jan Visser, country manager at KLDiscovery Ontrack: “We are specialists in the field of data recovery and eDiscovery. Our self-developing technology recovers data from all kinds of systems, from enterprise storage and NAS to SSD, hard disks and smartphones. This makes our solution very suitable for deployment in, for example, ransomware situations, where we try to save as much data as possible. For this reason we are very happy with this partnership. The partnership with Tesorion allows us to help organizations even faster and better.”

Lodi Hensen, manager CERT and Threat Intel at Tesorion adds: “The nice thing about this partnership is the fact that KLDiscovery Ontrack does not just offer solutions for data recovery, but also for situations in which data was stolen. Data theft in order to encrypt it is something we are seeing happen more and more within ransomware attacks. In the process of determining what data has been stolen specifically, KLDiscovery Ontrack’s  solutions and knowledge enable us to help victims of a cyber incident even more decisively.