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Tesorion and Ploum enter partnership regarding cyber security advisory

By 17 November 2022 News
Samenwerking met Ploum

Full-service law firm Ploum and cyber security service provider Tesorion have entered a strategic partnership. Ploum and Tesorion’s shared ambition is to make and keep organizations cyber secure. For this reason they are joining forces to advise organizations on the topic of cyber security and by doing so, preparing them for NIS 2 (Network and Information Security 2) to come into effect. Among others, this is done by providing training and organizing events with free attendance. Organizing third-party risk management calls for a broad approach, seamlessly coordinating the use of humans, technology and processes with each other. Thanks to this partnership, the barrier between laying down measures in an agreement and ensuring the technical realization thereof is eliminated. Ploum and Tesorion will also continue their services independent of each other.

“We are growing increasingly dependent on the digital infrastructure, and therefore more vulnerable as organizations and as a country”, Peter Centi, manager Digital Risk Protection at Tesorion, says. “Cyber security has not been solely been about technology in a long time. Risk assessments, setting up organizations in the right way, drafting policy, liability, disclosure, and not to mention aftercare in crisis situations all call for specialist knowledge. For this reason we are joining forces with Ploum. Concerning cyber security, our services are provided jointly, for example enabling us, in the case of a data breach or ransomware attack, to perform multiple actions at the same time instead of us working successively. By combining our efforts, quicker responses in the event of a cyber-attack are possible, which is of great importance in minimizing the damage.”

Cyber security to a higher level

The technical and legal sides of cyber security are inseparable. Cyber criminals are increasingly exploring alternatives transcending platform boundaries in order to deal maximum damage. Organizations may have a high level of information security themselves, but supply chain partners’ information security is usually not something you can get a grip on. As a consequence organizations are increasingly more vulnerable to supply chain attacks.

To reduce the vulnerability of both companies and our society, stricter European cyber security legislation, like NIS 2, is in the making. This forces an increasing number of organizations to bring their cyber security to a higher level. NIS 2 asks for preventive actions that reach beyond correctly organizing your own digital infrastructure. De entire supply chain will be considered and proactively maintained because the enormous impact an attack can have on our society.

Hugo van Aardenne, cyber-law specialist and attorney at Ploum: “All kinds of things with regard to cyber security await organizations due to the introduction of NIS 2. This means organizations will have to face issues that often impact the organization in different areas. It is extremely important for them to realize that now, already, so there is enough time to take the necessary measures. Not just to comply with the law and liability to avoid claims, but also because you would not want your business processes to come to a halt or workplace safety to be compromised. We also see it as a societal obligation to contribute to awareness in this field. With this partnership, we know what to expect from each other and know that we will be able to respond quicker in the event of a data breach, for example. We can have faith in Tesorion’s expertise, and Tesorion can have faith in ours.”