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Innovation: the power of cooperation

By 6 July 2020 November 16th, 2020 Blog
Kracht van samenwerken

Innovation has various forms, for instance in the area of product development, in the area of cooperation, or by creating connections. Innovating requires daring to look at things differently; it requires change. Within Tesorion, we regularly decide to walk the unbeaten track. To not stand still in times of crisis, but to look at what remains possible during these more difficult times.

For the development of the innovation teams, Tesorion entered into a cooperative venture with InContext Consultancy Group. The objective of this cooperation is to raise the teams, all in their own way, to a higher level. This can be done in many ways, where Tesorion consciously opts for an approach where ample attention is paid to the team members and their personal characteristics. This approach should imply that the teams are empowered AND that cohesion is created between the teams. Within some organisations, this is deemed to be a daring move, but at Tesorion, we think it represents solid confidence in the knowledge and expertise of the employees.

Innovation teams in practice
From InContext, Gary Andrews, transformation consultant, counsels this cooperation. InContext disposes of a treasure-trove of experience and the right knowledge and skills to counsel the teams of Tesorion. A plan was drawn up per team and Gary provides input and coaching in the area of human behaviour, processes, and agility. With the clear objective, and consequently also success factor, of getting the best out of the teams. Agile and coaching are the common thread of the process, but it centres on how we can stimulate, support, and inspire employees to set to work with different behaviour. As a consequent, employees, teams, and the organisation become more resilient, and it is possible to react faster.

Working remotely and (online) cooperation ensured that the counselling became more powerful and more effective than originally envisioned; instead of a limited number of sessions at the office, Gary is now present during most of the team ceremonies and is almost continuously available for questions and coaching of the teams.

Cooperation Tesorion and InContext
Both organisations have much confidence in each other. This is expressed in open and honest communication, as a result of which the more complex issues can also be picked up. The open approach and mindset of Tesorion ensure that InContext can truly get the best out of the teams. In a short period of time, this cooperation has brought about a strong improvement. Reporting and approach are better coordinated and this, almost unnoticed, also results in like-mindedness in terms of direction and vision.