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In the summer of 2021 we informed you about the acquisition of Kahuna by Tesorion. We would like to inform you about the progress of the integration of Kahuna into the Tesorion organization and what this means for you.

Let us start with the first happy fact: Kahuna will henceforth be called Tesorion.

In recent months, we have worked hard to make the integration as smooth and silent as possible for our customers, our employees and our partners. This means that in addition to the name change, the physical office location of Kahuna has also changed. That is why from now on you will see the Tesorion logo and address (similar to the salutation) on invoices, quotations and other communications. We are pleased that we were able to complete the operational and organizational integration in a relatively short period of time and hope that you experienced this without any problems.

In concrete terms, this means that the Tesorion logo will now appear on invoices. For the time being you will pay the invoices to the same bank account number, entity and VAT number.

Frequently asked questions

We answer frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What does Tesorion?

Tesorion is the largest, 100% Dutch, independent cyber security service provider. We help government agencies and companies combat the most diverse forms of cybercrime and minimise business risks. Our goal is to make the Netherlands safer, whereby we focus on Managed Cybersecurity services. Tesorion is the one-stop-shop when it comes to cybersecurity solutions. Think of firewalls, connectivity, backup, SOC and CERT services, Behaviour & Awareness, Digital Risk Protection, Threat Intelligence and Offensive Security.

We use both our own solutions and solutions from strategic partners (including Cryptshare, Fortinet, Rubrik, Trend Micro and KnowBe4). With the recently acquired majority stake in Compumatica a strong encryption portfolio has been added. Furthermore, Tesorion offers 24/7 specialist support in case of a cyber incident. For example when an organisation is affected by a cyber security incident. Our specialists in the field of digital forensics then offer support, on behalf of the Tesorion CERT (T-CERT).

Every day more than four million devices are protected at our clients in healthcare, education, transport and logistics, business services, finance and industry. Tesorion ensures that organisations can concentrate on their core tasks and guaranteeing business continuity.

Within the Microsoft Active Protections programme (MAPP), Tesorion is the only partner from continental Europe to have achieved the status of Threat Indicator Top Contributor. Tesorion is also an associate partner of the NoMoreRansom project.

Why did Tesorion acquire Kahuna?

Tesorion wants to grow into a leading cybersecurity player in the Dutch mid-market. As part of this strategy, the board of directors, in cooperation with the shareholders, has carried out a market survey of potential organisations that could contribute to the realisation of this ambition. We came into contact with Kahuna in Amersfoort, as their position in the market and their development contributes to Tesorion’s goals.

What does this mean for the (number of) employees?

Kahuna was integrated into Tesorion after the takeover. Kahuna’s employees have their workplace in Tesorion’s premises in Leusden.

What is the benefit of this acquisition for customers?

The products and services of Tesorion and Kahuna are complementary to each other. With the addition of Kahuna, Tesorion can expand considerably in the field of Managed Services. For Kahuna customers the acquisition means that they will have a much broader range of services at their disposal and that a wider range of threat intelligence can be used within the current portfolio.

Will Kahuna stay in Amersfoort and Spain?

Kahuna will not remain based in Amersfoort. All colleagues have moved to the Tesorion office in Leusden. For the branches in Spain, the activities will move to Tesorion’s existing SOC and NOC in the Netherlands. We will inform every customer affected separately.

Who is my contact person from now on?

Your current contact person remains (for the time being) the first point of contact. If this changes, you will be informed. This contact person will mail from the Tesorion domain as of January, the mail address will be as follows: <firstname>.<lastname>

What happens to the service and product portfolio?

Both companies are not only close to each other geographically, but their portfolios also strengthen each other. Where services overlap, we will further investigate how we can integrate them.

Where can I go to with my service questions?

The known telephone numbers of Kahuna and Tesorion for service questions remain in force and will not change. The service desk(s) will be further informed on how to handle specific questions (about Kahuna via the Tesorion Service Desk and vice versa). Of course, in time, we will integrate both service desks. We will do this transparently together.

How does this acquisition affect my contract with Kahuna or Tesorion?

This acquisition has no influence on the current contract with Kahuna or Tesorion. Both companies will of course continue to meet their agreed obligations.

Does the entity we do business with change?

At present, the contractual entity remains the same. From 1 January 2022, “Tesorion” will be a trade name of Kahuna. This means that VAT, KvK and bank account number remain the same. The address details will change, however, to: Fokkerstraat 4, 3833 LD Leusden.