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Exponential increase of malware since the start of the coronavirus crisis

By 26 March 2020 October 26th, 2020 News, Tesorion Immunity
corona malware

Undertakings step up investments in cyber-security

LEUSDEN – To cyber-criminals, a crisis almost always means an intensification of their activities. This can also be noted clearly during the present coronavirus crisis, as observed by cyber-security specialist Tesorion. Mid-March, Tesorion already reported that coronavirus related cyber-criminality has increased by a factor 5 compared to the start of this year. At the moment, no reliable indices can be provided, due to the explosive increase of the number of homeworkers.

Dr Ir Rick Hofstede, Director of Technology at Tesorion, expects that the ultimate damages will reach an unprecedented level. ‘The amount of malware only becomes properly visible when everybody returns to the workplace and reconnects the laptop to the business network.’

Meanwhile, Hofstede is noting an increasing focus of businesses on their digital resilience. ‘Especially in these times, businesses are quite aware of their vulnerability. What we have learnt from crises in the past is that they should not wait to become a plaything of the circumstances, but should actually make investments to get out of it stronger.’

Previous research (2019) by the American accountancy and business consultancy firm Grant Thornton already showed that in times of economic decline 55% of the undertakings focus on innovation and investments in technology. The increase of cyber-criminality aimed at the business community can be explained by the fact that criminals actually assume savings on cyber-security.

To prevent the said increased vulnerability, Tesorion developed Tesorion Immunity, a solution with which organisations are guaranteed of a scalable detection and isolation of cyber-threats on the network. As a result, Tesorion Immunity is, in addition to a secure solution, also a cost-effective solution, especially in this period of intensified cyber-criminality. The flexibility in the number of devices to be added and the configuration options moreover render Tesorion Immunity suitable for both SME and large organisations.