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Information security in the financial industry

Cyber-security is not a choice but a necessity

For many years, the financial world has had a particular appeal to criminals. Money laundering, bank robberies, and ram-raids are activities that have been taking place since time immemorial. Nowadays, alongside these traditional types of operational threats, there is also question of a digital threat.

Alertness remains important

A good cyber-security solution is seamlessly in line with the processes within financial institutions. However, the first step is to ensure that employees at all levels are aware of a secure way of working and handling data. Tesorion offers (online) training sessions to teach employees basic knowledge when it comes to, for instance, the use of passwords, the sharing of account details, leaving a workplace behind unattended, or the sharing of financial data. Of course, we can also test the awareness and the alertness amongst the employees together.

Moreover, the management focus on cyber-security becomes ever more important, also because data, data use, and data analysis are applied on an ever-broader basis in the financial world. Consequently, cyber-security is a theme that regards the entire organisation and not just the IT Department. For instance, think about the monitoring of money flows, big data analysis for the development of new services or for the compilation of trend reports.

Organisations in the financial industry are attacked 300 times more often than in other industries.

Source: Boston Consulting Group, 2019

Technological changes: risk or necessity?

Ever more often banks and insurers become the victim of cyber-criminals. At the same time, the rules of, for instance, the ECB and the Solvency II framework and the relevant supervision by DNB become ever more stringent. To make it even more complex, all these rules have their own framework that you must comply with and they may require something slightly different. This results in a tension field between the development of innovative services and the hedging of the associated risks. In case of innovation, investment in security is required in advance. By including security from the start, the so-called security-by-design, it is possible to ensure that the measures are demonstrably in line with all frameworks.

Tesorion Immunity

A good night’s rest for all, because Immunity detects and isolates automatically

Digitalisation, automation, and new forms of services therefore bring about various challenges in the area of cyber-security. One of the things that should be in order in this respect is the security of the business network. Tackle the risk of malware that originates from outside the organisation in the same manner as the risk of an infected device present on the network. In both instances, immediate and automated actions are necessary.

A solution is needed that detects the various threats automatically, classifies them on the basis of policy rules, and then isolates the relevant systems.

Tesorion Immunity does not allow anyone who represents a threat to your data to gain access. Even in case of already trusted devices, Tesorion Immunity pays attention to deviating behaviour and immediately reacts to threats by isolating an infected device. That is how security of your most precious assets should be organised.

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Does your organisation or institution nonetheless become the target of hackers or the victim of malware? Then Tesorion is there for you to minimise or even to prevent the risk of damages. To this end we are equipped with our in-house T-CERT team.

Tesorion offers two solution approaches for a proactive solution to protect your business processes and data. You can choose between a solution administered in-company, Tesorion Immunity, or outsourcing of your cyber-security to our Security Operations Center (SOC).


Tesorion is equipped with a specialist Computer Emergency and Response Team (CERT). This team is available to you 24/7 to assist in case of digital contingencies. Tesorion is, moreover, part of Z-CERT, the Computer Emergency and Response Team specifically for the healthcare industry.

More information about CERT

Our SOC takes the work off your shoulders

Our cyber-security specialists of the SOC safeguard and monitor your business network, infrastructure, and applications continuously. On the basis of various events, Tesorion can detect and eliminate a cyber-attack in a timely fashion. This safeguards the continuity of your business operations.

More information about SOC

Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.

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