• Financial

    financialEver more often, banks and insurers become the target of cyber-criminality. At the same time, the rules of, for instance, the ECB and the Solvency II framework and the relevant supervision by DNB become ever more stringent. Tesorion assists in reducing this complexity.Read more »
  • Education

    educationInformation security in the education industry is a major challenge. Developments such as online teaching and Bring Your Own Device ensure that cybersecurity must be properly implemented. After all, only one infected device is needed, which jeopardizes the continuity of the curriculum.Read more »
  • Transport and Logistics

    logisticsAutomation and digitalisation enable the logistics industry to become more efficient. The downside is that this theme leads to new challenges. Tesorion assists businesses in the logistics industry in becoming secure and resilient in the area of cyber-security.Read more »
  • Healthcare

    healthTo offer every patient or client the maximum care, the sector is innovating and digitalising at a high pace. Tesorion understands the issues and challenges in the healthcare industry and has appropriate and proven solutions available.Read more »