Instantly protected with automated detection & response

Numerous organisations in the education, healthcare, government and business sectors have already opted for Immunity automated detection and isolation using next-generation NAC.

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Instant protection for your networks with automated detection & isolation

Select your Immunity Elements:


Who’s there? Check for devices and (guest) users connecting to your network.

Simplified access control
Shadow IT
Unauthorised access
Compliance monitoring


Automated detection:
see who’s bringing what to your network.

Ransomware & other malware
Malicious content
Misbehaving devices
Signature-less detection


Clear alerts for network threats
with automated isolation when necessary.

Automated isolation
Email notifications
SIEM integration
Third-party NAC integration *

* Immunity contains a highly scalable, simplified NAC component that is easy to use and to configure.
If you already have a NAC solution, Immunity will smoothly integrate by using Immunity Connector.

Risk-free implementation 100% European product with flexible pricing Highly scalable solution

Quarantainenet is now part of Tesorion providing next-level all-in security under its new name: Tesorion Immunity. Questions? Contact us

Immunity gives you the power to instantly protect your network using automated detection and isolation of infected endpoints.

With over 15 years of experience in securing more than 4 million devices you’ll quickly get value for money and proven results. Next to that, it will fully unburden your network management team

Inside out network safety with continuous detection and response

Being protected from anyone trying to access your network – shouldn’t that be enough? Most NAC vendors think so.
We respectfully disagree. That’s why Immunity stands for triple-layer security and ensures that whoever uses your network does so without infecting it.

Simply put: Immunity doesn’t let anyone in who poses a threat to your network. Even after trusted devices gain initial network access, Immunity keeps an eye out for unusual behaviour and instantly responds to threats by locking out infected endpoints. That’s network safety as it should be: the joint force of simplified network access control and continuous detection & response.

Scales up to 1,000,000 devices per appliance

Immunity is highly scalable. You only need one appliance to manage up to 1,000,000 endpoints. Plus, your hardware costs won’t increase exponentially as you scale.

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Flexible & user-friendly policy management

Immunity monitors how users come and go from your network, collecting valuable behaviour insights and combining them into a confidence score, which is automatically matched against your organisation’s policies.

Depending on the type of device and the type of threat, different policies are required. Immunity allows you to translate your security requirements in a user-friendly way into policies that exactly suit your needs.

Monitor behavior as users come and go off your network. Automatically isolate when undesired behavior shows up.

Scale to 1,000,000 devices per appliance.

Easily onboard guests and manage ports, devices & users.

Everything we develop is designed with privacy of our customers and end users in mind.

Deploys quickly into your existing environment.

Agentless visibility across your entire network.

Integrated intelligent reporting: cybersecurity & compliance in one report.

Excellent support and advice any time you need it.

Numerous organisations in education, healthcare, government and business sectors have already opted for Tesorion Immunity.


Don’t take our word for it…
this is why others chose Immunity.

Managed security
As complex as security is, Immunity found a way to simplify it. Tesorion is an organisation based on over 15 years of experience and customer feedback.

Simple and easy to implement
No lengthy expensive consultancy sessions but concrete results in a short fixed time.

Predictable pricing
Knowing exactly what to expect: clear transparent pricing and no subsequent calculation.

Invisible security measures: end users usually do not notice it and only when there is a problem Immunity System automatically intervenes.

No unnecessary complexity
Clear, simple and easy to use. Where things can be automated, they are automated.

10x simpler powerful NAC
Immunity is an enhanced security approach: a full solution for network access control, with direct detection and isolation as its superpowers.

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