Use these tips to get the cybersecurity basics right

You have to do something to protect yourself from cybercriminals, but where exactly should you begin? Tesorion can help you get the basics of cybersecurity right.

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Cybersecurity is a way of working

Cybercrime is developing all the time and people are forgetful. Those are the two most important reasons why cybersecurity ought to be at the top of the list of priorities of any IT manager. Data is accessible at all times and in all places, so how do you make sure it is, and remains, safe?

Now that the theme of cybersecurity is on the management agenda, the question is: Where should you begin? To help you on your way Tesorion has defined three themes and a number of points of departure which will help you get the basics right and keep it that way.

Find out where getting the basics right starts

Protect your employees

Cybersecurity risks are the result of human actions. If your employees do not have a cybersecurity mindset, you will be fighting a losing battle. Protect your employees against these risks.
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Use technology

The increasing complexity of cyberattacks requires a pragmatic approach. Cybercriminals are becoming ever smarter. The good news is that technology can help eliminate these risks.
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Process optimization

Organizations draw up information security policies in order to prevent data leaks. These are essential when dealing with data in the widest sense of the word. This is referred to as data governance.
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1. Maak medewerkers weerbaar
2. Splits je netwerk op in segmenten
3. Beveilig apparaten, e-mail en monitor logging van applicaties
4. Versleutel belangrijke data
5. Maak betrouwbare back-ups
6. Regel toegang tot bedrijfsmiddelen
7. Houd je software en apparaten up-to-date

Cybersecurity: growth is only possible if there is a solid basis

Balance between people, technology and process

To get the basics right (and keep things that way) you must first make sure information security is a permanent item on the management agenda. The focus needs to be on more than technology alone because getting the cybersecurity basics right concerns people, technology and company processes.

Some of the issues you will have to deal with are authorization and authentication, security awareness, firewalls and endpoint protection. Do not make the mistake of underestimating internal risks such as fraud, and focus on finding out how you can protect yourself against external influences, such as ransomware.

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For which businesses is this the ideal solution?


Transport and logistics sector

Your organization is an important link in a chain. Your customers depend on you and numerous systems are integrated with each other. You need real-time insight. How do you make sure this is all in place?

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Financial services providers

Your work with strategic and financial data and everything in between. Your employees work at various locations. How do you safeguard the security and privacy of the customer and the employee and how do you prevent fraud?

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Healthcare providers

All your data is privacy-sensitive and has to comply with additional legislation and regulations, such as the NEN 7510, BIO and NTA 7516. Having said that, you still have to collaborate and share data with various partners in the chain. Where do you start?

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