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Frank van den Hurk

ranzy locker ransomware
1 October 2020

Ranzy Locker (ThunderX 2.0): decryption still possible in some cases!

Last week, we published a blog post on our analysis of the new ThunderX ransomware.…
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21 September 2020

ThunderX ransomware: analysis and a free decryptor!

Ransomware is still one of the major cyber security threats for both businesses and consumers.…
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nemty ransomware
15 April 2020

Exploring the link between Nemty and Nefilim

A new ransomware family has appeared on the already too crowded scene over the past…
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16 March 2020

CVE-2020-0796: Vulnerability in Windows 10 and Windows Server (patch available!)

CVE-2020-0796: Vulnerability in Windows 10 and Windows Server with potential large impact (patch available!) Summary…
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encryption files
20 December 2019

Nemty 2.2 and 2.3: analysis of their cryptography, and a decryptor for some file types

Tesorion has previously released decryptors for the Nemty ransomware up to version 1.6. Recently, new…
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computer files
7 November 2019

Bug in Nemty corrupting the encryption of large files

Introduction Over the past weeks, Tesorion researchers have been working on free decryption tools for…
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ransomware nemty
10 October 2019

Nemty update: decryptors for Nemty 1.5 and 1.6

Summary Last week, we published a blog post on our decryptor for the Nemty ransomware.…
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decryptor nemty
30 September 2019

A decryptor for the Nemty ransomware based on analysis of its cryptography

The Nemty ransomware family has recently been discovered and described in detail by FortiGuard Labs.…
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ransomware wereldwijd
24 July 2019

Sodinokibi ransomware is making many victims worldwide

Tesorion and SIDN Labs examine spread of SodinokibiThe Sodinokibi ransomware that was first discovered a…
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ransomware families
9 May 2019

A connection between the Sodinokibi and GandCrab ransomware families?

Summary The Sodinokibi malware is a new ransomware family that was first described in an…
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