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A new name in the world of cybersecurity, but with many years of experience at the highest level. That’s Tesorion: one of the fastest growing specialists in cybersecurity and business continuity.

Tesorion is a fully integrated group of renowned cybersecurity firms, each with its own specialisation. Tesorion has combined these specialisations into one all•in service. This makes Tesorion unique as a provider of cybersecurity.

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Our experts work on the cybersecurity of companies, institutions and governments on a daily basis. They are proud to share their vision on cybersecurity with you via blogs, videos and podcasts.

15 April 2020 in Blog

Exploring the link between Nemty and Nefilim

Introduction A new ransomware family has appeared on the already too crowded scene over the past couple of weeks: Nefilim. Bleeping Computer had some of the first coverage on this…
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20 December 2019 in Blog

Nemty 2.2 and 2.3: analysis of their cryptography, and a decryptor for some file types

Summary Tesorion has previously released decryptors for the Nemty ransomware up to version 1.6. Recently, new versions of Nemty have appeared in the wild. In this blog post we describe…
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7 November 2019 in Blog

Bug in Nemty corrupting the encryption of large files

Introduction Over the past weeks, Tesorion researchers have been working on free decryption tools for the Nemty ransomware (see also our previous blog posts A decryptor for the Nemty ransomware…
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10 October 2019 in Blog

Nemty update: decryptors for Nemty 1.5 and 1.6

Summary Last week, we published a blog post on our decryptor for the Nemty ransomware. Since we performed our analysis, two new versions of Nemty have appeared: version 1.5 and…
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27 July 2020 in Nieuws

No More Ransom: four years after the launch

Today, the 27th of July, Europol issued a press release about the fourth anniversary of No More Ransom and the impressive results that have been achieved. Tesorion is proud to…
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7 November 2019 in Nieuws

Tesorion associate partner of NoMoreRansom project

Tesorion is proud to announce that it was awarded an associate partnership of the NoMoreRansom project, because of our contribution of the Nemty ransomware decryptor. Tesorion is the 17th contributor…
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14 May 2019 in Nieuws

A connection between the Sodinokibi and GandCrab ransomware families?

Summary The Sodinokibi malware is a new ransomware family that was first described in an attack by Cisco Talos. In this attack, they noted it was strange that both Sodinokibi…
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