About Tesorion

A new name in the world of cybersecurity, but with many years of experience at the highest level. That’s Tesorion: one of the fastest growing specialists in cybersecurity and business continuity.

Tesorion is a fully integrated group of renowned cybersecurity firms, each with its own specialisation. Tesorion has combined these specialisations into one all•in service. This makes Tesorion unique as a provider of cybersecurity.

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Our experts work on the cybersecurity of companies, institutions and governments on a daily basis. They are proud to share their vision on cybersecurity with you via blogs, videos and podcasts.

19 March 2019 in Blog

Blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency…. confused as well?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two terms that you will encounter in the media several times a week. Sometimes it is about the prices, sometimes about the robbery of an 'Exchange'.…
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19 March 2019 in Blog

Data governance: the key for data-driven business

Everyone wants to be 'data-driven' nowadays. How this should be tackled is the main question. Determining the status of data as a permanent management topic through a top down approach…
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19 March 2019 in Blog

5 steps to increase security awareness within the organisation

Cybersecurity is a combination of technology, people and organisation. People are essential in being able to cope with digital threats to organisations. Technology creates the conditions, the organisation makes the…
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