Office automation has become a balance between BYOD and flexibility. Freedom and convenience are expected. Being able to work everywhere has, for that matter, become the new normal. How do you secure this when you cannot control everything?

Under attack

Cyber incidents have an increasing impact on your organization. Theft and misuse of confidential data, CEO fraud, the downtime of systems by ransomware or the theft of intellectual property via a successful phishing email are some examples of cybercrime. Protecting your office environment is therefore essential for business continuity.

Tesorion offers various solutions, such as 24/7 protection of your systems against digital attacks and malware infections. It is also possible to immediately quarantine infected devices to limit further damage. Email and Endpoint protection ensures uninterrupted communication. The use of penetration tests and vulnerability assessments provides insight into the vulnerabilities of your infrastructure and (web / mobile) applications. Tesorion understands that your business continuity always comes first.

The vast majority of work processes depend on ICT and more and more information is exchanged digitally.

Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.