IndustrialOperational Technology (OT) is the engine of your business. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are crucial for the control and operation of technical environments. From the manufacturing industry to vital infrastructure, OT is everywhere and indispensable for the proper operation of our society.

Entrepreneurs and managers also know that a secure digital business environment is of essential importance to the business continuity and protection of intellectual property. A disruption of the process within your environment has direct consequences for the productivity and security.

They represent risks that nobody can permit; you want to be able to trust cyber-security for the full 100%. We have the experts, the knowledge, and the resources to reduce any disruption in your network to a minimum.


It is already quite a challenge to find specialists in the area of cyber-security, let alone employees with thorough knowledge of OT.
Tesorion has these experts available in-house. And that creates a feeling of confidence.


The Tesorion dashboard offers you real-time extensive and detailed analyses, the network behaviour, and the potential risks.
You thus obtain optimal insight into Operations.

The services of Tesorion are versatile, flexible, and scalable. In addition, our experts assist in setting up or improving your ICS management processes securely. This way, you obtain insight into potential threats and specific attacks as a result of which you can take appropriate measures in a timely fashion.

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Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.