CloudNowadays , everything is in the cloud. Cloud is an umbrella term. For the sake of clarity, we divide the term cloud into three components: infrastructure services (IaaS), platform services PaaS), and software services (SaaS). This division is important because it affects the responsibilities for the administration and consequently also for the cyber-security.

As an organisation, you are fully stretched setting up your IT environment. In this respect, it is required, inter alia, to make different choices in the area of servers, desktops, applications, and peripheral equipment. You can then decide to keep everything in-house or to outsource a part of it or even to outsource everything and to only purchase services.
All of these scenarios also bring about a consideration in the area of cyber-security. Who is responsible and for what component?

By moving infrastructure to a cloud provider or managed services provider, you remain responsible for setting up (having set up) the security properly. If you purchase IaaS, then you consequently outsource the responsibility for the physical infrastructure, but you still need to take measures against hackers and malware. If you use SaaS, then you still want to know when too many data are unnecessarily accessed or when a prince from Nigeria logs in.

Insight into data

Due to the arrival of regulations like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), it has become even more important that you always retain insight into your data and know how to properly manage and secure them. It is important that you organise and check the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of your data well. After all, you always remain responsible in case a data breach occurs, and not the cloud provider.

Wherever your data may be located, Tesorion can help you secure and protect them. Depending on the selected cloud model, we retrieve security information from your servers or applications, and we combine this with the security information that the cloud provider personally makes available. This way, we monitor all your assets, irrespective of the location.

You always remain responsible in case a data breach occurs, and not the cloud provider.

Our solutions

Thanks to the Tesorion SOC, knowledge about vulnerabilities and threats in cybersecurity are used to make the right decisions for your organization. Do you want to know where the risks are at the moment? Then consider Vulnerability Scanning & Management.

Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.