Focus on the main themes

Fighting cyber-criminality is different per theme. Tesorion focuses on the themes below. It can be said of every theme that cyber-threats must be minimised to nil. In case of cyber-security, environmental variables do – as always – also affect the degree that cyber-security measures can be taken, and interventions can be implemented automatically with solutions like Tesorion Immunity.

For every theme, we adapt, like a true chameleon, and we have an individual approach, vision, and solution.

  • Cloud

    There are many cloud solutions; the cloud can, for that matter, be a logical choice. When moving to the cloud you still want to control and know what is happening with your data. In many cloud models you are still…Read more »
  • Industry

    Operational Technology (OT) is the engine of your business. Critical systems are crucial for the steering and running of environments. From the manufacturing industry to vital infrastructure. OT is also vulnerable.Read more »
  • IoT

    Thanks to technology, all our equipment becomes ’smarter’. From refrigerators to interactive advertising columns. All these devices are connected. In many instances, security is not optimal with the IoT. How do you prevent this from becoming a threat?Read more »
  • Mobile

    We are more mobile than ever. Not only do we work everywhere, our smart phones also become ever smarter. And almost every smart phone has access to a treasure-trove of business data. How do you secure them?Read more »
  • Office

    Office automation has become a balance between BYOD and flexibility. Freedom and convenience are expected. Being able to work everywhere has, for that matter, become the new normal. How do you secure this when you cannot control everything?Read more »