The Tesorion SOC monitors your precious digital assets 24/7

You have connected various systems with each other to be able to work as efficiently as possible. In addition, users work at various locations and have access to, inter alia, the office network and, of course, the cloud. This offers ample opportunities and chances; after all, it makes no longer any difference where your customers, suppliers, partners and employees are located. You can work together and exchange data from everywhere. This is a wonderful development that safeguarded the productivity of many organisations at the time of COVID-19. However, the flip side is that this can result in undetected vulnerabilities. The data that are being used represent an important asset to your business operations. How do you protect your digital business operations?

Start at the basis

Of course, criminal activities are not new. In the physical world, you have thieves who break into your house. We took all sorts of measures against this, e.g. fences, guard dogs, certified locks, alarm systems, and cameras. They need to make sure that our belongings cannot simply be taken by unknown intruders. In the digital world, we can equally protect ourselves against these risks.

You have probably already taken the initial security measures. For instance, a firewall, anti-virus programs, access control, and automatic detection. As a result, the first steps were taken to recognise and mitigate risks and attacks on systems. The big question is then: were these solutions configured optimally? Are you certain that a cyber-criminal cannot strike or has not already gained access? If you consider that it usually takes 164 days before a cyber-criminal is detected, then it could well be that the cyber-criminal has already gained access. Moreover, every attack is different; do you always have the correct means of protection against it?

on average it takes 164 days before a business detects that it has been hacked.

Increase your resilience 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

That is why the Tesorion Security Operations Centre (SOC) is available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our cyber-security specialists safeguard and monitor your business network, infrastructure, and applications continuously. On the basis of various events, Tesorion can detect and eliminate a cyber-attack in a timely fashion. This safeguards the continuity of your business operations.

Network Security Monitoring

By installing sensors at strategic locations in the network, we obtain more insight into what is happening on your network. By learning what is legitimate traffic, we can detect deviating network traffic.

Application Security Monitoring

By making log sources available (e.g. Active Directory, Office365, Firewalls), we can check data and detect deviating situations.

Vulnerability Management

Obtain insight into the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and make sure that you are demonstrably in control. In short, deal with the security breaches before someone else abuses them. We provide insight and efficient follow-up.


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Unfortunately, cyber-threats are no longer something new. However, a truly coherent cyber-approach is.