Vectra stops cybercriminals before they can cause damage

Using artificial intelligence driven network detection and response, you can locate the attackers before they are able to encrypt or steal your data. Vectra detects hackers in places other products cannot see, and ensures a quick response.

With Vectra you get a complete overview

of what is actually happening on the network

Attacks are becoming increasingly advanced, and have a big impact on organizations. Insight into known and unknown threats at network level makes up an important means to quickly detect attacks and minimalize the impact. Not a traditional Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that works rule-based, but detection by recognizing deviant and unwanted behavior, by advanced machine learning algorithms. These detections are made insightful real-time. Both on-premise and in the cloud. Vectra’s solution covers a wide range of traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) use-cases. Additionally, this Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution provides, like the name suggests, response instead of just detection.

In this way, direct action can be taken on user accounts and on devices. Vectra Protect looks at the >7500 settings, policies and configurations you’ve got when using Microsoft. By doing so, Vectra is the only Microsoft-approved scanning engine which provides an insight into even M365 Powershell modules. Doing this, Vectra provides 50% more coverage in critical security areas than others.

Vectra integrates perfectly with Microsoft, for example, Vectra has native integrations with: Active Directory, Azure Active Directory (AD), M365, Hyper-V, Azure Sentinel and Defender for Endpoint. Because of the integrations with nearly every Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, and all premium brand firewalls, you’re in control in all areas. This enables us to protect your network against known and unknown threats.

How does Vectra help your organization?


Monitor your network, detect deviant behavior, and respond. In doing so, you protect your network against hackers which have entered with the help of phishing or exploitation of vulnerabilities. Your existing security products are put to work much better.



With email and files in Office365, identities in Azure Active Directory (AD) and servers in AWS or Azure, the protection of these networks might be even more important than the corporate network. Vectra has got you covered.


These past years you’ve invested heavily in cybersecurity measures. Vectra expands on that by further integrating with your firewall, EDR solution, SIEM, etc. In this way, we prevent divestments and you get more out of what you’ve already got.

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Vectra’s most important advantages

  • Automated
  • Integration with tools already in place
  • Detection ánd response
  • Prevent incidents
  • Microsoft 365, AWS and Azure integration
  • SaaS integration
  • AzureAD and Kerberos integration
  • Optimal time to detect
  • Optimal time to respond

Tesorion increases cyber resilience

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