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in the transport and logistics industry

An industry that is literally and figuratively on the move, which requires good cyber-security

The industry is digitalising at a high pace. Tachograph data, electronic consignment notes, delivery and planning information are only a few examples of information that, until recently, had only been shared via various hard-copy documents. Ever more of these processes and actions are being automated.

Read in the industry paper how you can guard yourself against new business risks.

The risk is growing, are you ready for a cyber-attack?

A cyber incident can affect the day-to-day operations within the business. In the worst-case scenario, logistics processes come to a complete standstill. By way of illustration: recently, the booking platform of shipping company MSC was down for a number of days as a result of a cyber-attack. In 2017, APM Terminals, part of Maersk at the Maasvlakte, was hit by an attack with NotPetya. The total damages amounted to billions, the loss of turnover in terms of orders amounted to roughly USD 200-300 million.

Cyber-criminals follow the developments

Cyber-criminals also see the digitalisation in the industry, and they abuse it. For instance, well over 40 per cent of the businesses in the logistics industry have already dealt with a form of cyber-criminality.

Do not let these threats prevent you from continuing digitalisation and innovation.

Are you protecting all elements of your services?

In practice, we notice differences between the Information Technology (IT) and the Operational Technology (OT).

Within an IT office environment, the updating of an operating system or the installation of patches is a regular activity. Within the operational technology, this updating or patching is usually not an option and protection is more important. We see installations that, today, are still running on older (read: more vulnerable) software. On the other hand, we also observe that these systems are ever more often linked to the IT.

In the IT world, within security the focus is placed on integrity and confidentiality, whilst in the OT world, the focus is rather placed on availability (continuity). In both instances, ransomware can cause dreadful disruptions. Automated interventions within an IT environment are desirable, whilst in an OT environment, an order picking or a climate control system cannot simply be switched off. In short, the arrival of ransomware threatened both the IT and the OT markets.

Since COVID-19, there has been an increase in reports of cyber-criminality by 300%.

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Are you prepared for a cyber-attack?

The increasing automation and digitalisation regularly pose challenges to the logistics industry. Did you ever consider the automatically controlled vehicles (ACV) in ports and distribution centres that are increasingly automated? The Netherlands is a leader in Europe when it comes to sustainable solutions. How do you keep your digital infrastructure under control? How do you provide for a secure network? How do you safeguard the accessibility of data and equipment?

Acquire a powerful combination

With Tesorion Immunity, we combine access control and network security. Our philosophy is that we include the existing network equipment in the security. Or rather: who can gain access and what is then acceptable behaviour? To be able to monitor this and, if so required, to be able to intervene automatically, Tesorion Immunity communicates with your network equipment and we established a policy that is perfectly in line with your needs and situation.

This way, Tesorion Immunity adapts to your network, and not the other way around.

As a company you are more and more vulnerable

We have 5 production sites in the Netherlands, each with its own quirks and characteristics. This means that each location has different types of equipment, as well as different types of PCs, printers and mobile phones. Naturally, all these devices are connected to our network. On top of that, at each location we have visitors and suppliers. Read more »

Richard Elsinga, IT manager Royal Smilde

Richard Elsinga Royal Smilde

Strong security at the gate and beyond

Tesorion Immunity

Network Security comes in many forms. Monitoring the devices that have access to your network is a first step. By combining this with automated virus detection and isolation of the relevant device, a powerful combination is created. Learn how Tesorion Immunity can help your transportation organization.