Tesorion Immunity
for the healthcare industry

Everybody will be faced with healthcare,
which is ideal for the cyber-criminal.

Sooner or later, everyone will be faced with healthcare. A visit to the general practitioner or the physiotherapist, a visit to a family member or acquaintance in a home for the elderly or a care home. This also means that various visitors use the WiFi guest network, in addition to the devices of employees and the organisation.

In the industry paper, you can read how you can curb cyber-criminality within the healthcare industry.

Continuous focus on excellent healthcare

Cyber-security is also a current topic in the healthcare industry. We can regularly read that healthcare institutions had to deal with a data breach, information theft, and malware, like ransomware. Moreover, on the one hand, we are dealing with rapidly changing technology, legislation, and regulations. And, on the other hand, there are new types of threats that succeed each other rapidly. Cyber-criminals are also constantly on the move and develop new methods. The information security requirements then become ever more stringent.

Is NEN 7510 a headache file?

The implementation of the legislation and regulations can turn into a headache file. Especially if this is associated with an increased work pressure – for instance during COVID-19. It is important to properly safeguard the security of data. The information security standard NEN 7510:2017 applies to this within the healthcare industry.
The ideal cure is Tesorion T-CORE. This is an approach proven in practice to comply with this certification. Read more about T-CORE on our healthcare page

Interpol is observing an increase in ransomware attacks on hospitals.

Read the complete article on the website of Interpol.

Acquire a powerful combination

With Tesorion Immunity, we combine access control and network security. Our philosophy is that we include the existing network equipment in the security. Or rather: who can gain access and what is then acceptable behaviour? To be able to monitor this and, if so required, to be able to intervene automatically, Tesorion Immunity communicates with your network equipment and we established a policy that is perfectly in line with your needs and situation.

This way, Tesorion Immunity adapts to your network, and not the other way around.

Dynamic IT environments

Especially in the healthcare industry, IT environments are dynamic. At the same time, we observe an increased threat of specific attacks with ransomware. Hence, the continuity of healthcare is of essential importance. You cannot permit vital systems to fail. Or that client data are not available or end up on the street. If that would happen, it would be a nightmare.

Can we be of assistance to you?

In addition to Tesorion Immunity, we offer a broad range of solutions for the healthcare industry. Think about knowledge, software, and tried methods.

Secure SSL connections and firewalls are not enough

Many security solutions require special software on workstations, “Secure SSL connections and firewalls are not enough which creates an extra security layer. Furthermore, you are not allowed to install third-party software on a lot of medical devices. We opted for Tesorion Immunity because you don’t have to install anything on the workstations. Read more »

Gerrit ten Harmsen, ICT Adviseur Gelre Ziekenhuizen

Gerrit ten Harmsen

More control for network administrators

We consider it obvious and very important that medical data is properly secured. We consider it of great importance to use a solution where different groups of users are given different rights. We chose Tesorion Immunity because it automatically and unnoticed sends the user to the correct dynamic network segment. Just what we needed.” Read more »

Charles Eringfeld, ICT manager Maasziekenhuis Pantein

Charles Eringfeld Pantein

Strong security at the gate and beyond

Tesorion Immunity

Network Security comes in many forms. Monitoring the devices that have access to your network is a first step. By combining this with automated virus detection and isolation of the relevant device, a powerful combination is created. Learn how Tesorion Immunity can help your healthcare organization.