Welcome to the Tesorion Academy

The Tesorion Academy has an extensive portfolio for organizations that want to effectively defend against cyber incidents. The training offer of the Tesorion Academy constantly adapts to new developments and responds to current events.

The developments within the cybersecurity domain are fast: the result is that Tesorion has to constantly adjust the training offering and respond to current events. Our training courses can be provided both in-company and at one of the Tesorion locations. Our trainers have built up years of experience within the cyber domain and teach this practical experience in the training they give. Some of our trainers are, besides working at Tesorion, also teachers at Colleges in the field of Cyber ​​security.


The Academy offers many different possibilities for diverse uses: from a one-off, individual online training to a two-year training course to become a Cybersecurity specialist. There are many possibilities in between. The spectrum of our training courses covers the field of ‘hard’ knowledge in the field of Cybersecurity up to and including the ‘soft’ necessary social skills.

We train students to take examinations in the area of:

  • CISM
  • CISA

The information security management program contains thorough basic knowledge of the following security areas:

  1. Introduction IT / OT and IoT
  2. Basic concepts and information security in perspective
  3. Organization of information security
  4. The human factor and legal aspects
  5. Risk analysis
  6. IB standards and organizational measures
  7. Technical measures
  8. Applications in Information Security

Because Cybersecurity all-in explicitly focuses on the human aspect, there are also various modules for social skills available, such as interpersonal communication styles (IPS), talent management assessment (TMA) and team and individual coaching.

A special route within our training portfolio is the Cybersecurity Specialization process.

Within this learning-working trajectory, the Tesorion Academy offers a program in which young IT professionals can specialize in cybersecurity for two years.

This is a combination between training and working of both Tesorion employees and employees of the customer. View the pdf about the Specialization process.


We create knowledge transfer by offering (individual) online training courses, classroom meetings and combinations of these. We also deploy Tesorion employees to transfer their expertise, for example by applying social engineering during meetings or by performing a phishing test.

Learning. Knowing. Doing.

Our vision on training is based on knowledge transfer, practicing and putting into practice the lessons learned. Ensuring continuity by observing what happens, understanding what it means and intervening where necessary: ​​it is not fundamentally different for people than for technology.

By understanding what is going on, knowing what risks this entails and learning good behavior.

“The Tesorion Academy’s motto is Learning. Knowing. Doing.”

(Ria Boerrigter)


It starts with learning what is needed to keep a cyber environment safe or create security. Tesorion offers methods to measure where the organization stands.


Then communication takes place about findings, policy or desired behavior to the entire organization or specific target groups.   This increases Knowing.


Making the employees approachable on what they know and periodically testing their knowledge and behavior with, for example, help from our mystery guest, is the core of Doing.

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